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Control Logic Pty Ltd

Control Logic is a 100% Australian Owned company supplying quality service and support to a comprehensive range of industrial electrical control automation and process engineering equipment.

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Red Lion slimline signal conditioners

Red Lion slimline signal conditioners have been designed for process signal amplification, isolation and conversion in all industrial environments.

Pfannenberg DTS8000 wall-mounted cooling units

The DTS8000 range of wall-mounted cooling units are maintenance free, remove hot spots from cabinets and are suitable for tough industrial or outdoor applications.

Pfannenberg DTT 6000 series cooling units

The DTT 6000 series of cooling units feature slim designs for space-saving top-mounted installation on control cabinets.

MDT AutoSave software

MDT AutoSave is a change management software package to safeguard industrial programmable equipment from loss of configuration for fast disaster recovery and configuration version archiving.

Schmersal SLC/SLG440 IP69K safety light curtains and grids

The SLC/SLG440 IP69K safety light curtains and grids are suitable for use in hygiene-sensitive sectors including food, pharmaceuticals, meat and milk processing.

ABB Ability Smart Sensor for induction motors and pumps

The ABB Ability Smart Sensor for induction motors and pumps makes preventive maintenance possible by accurately monitoring and analysing data on motor operation.

Schmersal Safety Field Box system

The configurable Safety Field Box system allows safety switchgear devices to be connected in the field and freely interlinked on a decentralised basis.

Hirschmann MSP40 modular managed switch

The Hirschmann MSP40 modular managed switch now offers 10 Gb uplinks via its 10GE module.

PULS DIMENSION QT40.241-B2 power supply

The PULS DIMENSION QT40.241-B2 is a three-phase 960 W DIN rail power supply with an IO-Link interface.

Novaris IS surge and lightning protectors

The Novaris IS range of surge and lightning protection products is designed specifically for hazardous areas.

Hirschmann Industrial HiVision 8.0

Hirschmann has released an updated edition of its HiVision software to manage networks.

Red Lion Data Station DA10D and DA30D data acquisition

The Data Station DA10D and DA30D data acquisition and protocol converters are designed to bridge the gap between serial, Ethernet and fieldbus devices.

Hirschmann SPIDER III PoE switches

The SPIDER III range of switches by Hirschmann has expanded to include PoE options.

PULS CP20.241-V1 DIN rail power supply

The CP20.241-V1 DIN rail power supply is equipped with an additional remote-controlled ON/OFF feature.

PULS PoE injectors

The PULS range of PoE injectors includes a DC-powered PoE module or an AC-powered unit with integrated power supply.

GE RSTi-EP CPE115 programmable automation controller

The RSTi-EP CPE115 1 GHz programmable automation controller is designed to run real-time deterministic control applications.

GE Automation & Controls CPL410 controller

The CPL410 PLC combines an embedded Linux Ubuntu OS with GE's RX3i programmable logic controller platform.

Hirschmann Dragon MACH4000 modular ethernet switches

The Dragon MACH4000 modular switch series features a high-density port count in a modular design and Hirschmann's HiOS operating system.

CL Encoder Tru-Trac measuring wheel

The Tru-Trac encoder from CL Encoder features an adjustable spring-tensioned mounting with the option of either a rubber or aluminium wheel.

Red Lion Controls RAM-6021M12 industrial router

The RAM-6021M12 industrial router from Red Lion Controls is purpose-built to withstand extreme conditions from the factory floor to transportation and hazardous locations.

TOSIBOX remote access solutions

TOSIBOX offers easy and secure remote access through a scalable, secure VPN connection.

PULS Dimension CP low-voltage power supplies

The Dimension CP series of low-voltage power supplies from PULS range in power from 5 to 20 A.

ABB ACS150 micro drive

ABB's ACS150 micro drive is designed for OEMs, machinery builders or panel builders, and is available in either single- or three-phase supplies with a power range of 0.37 to 4 kW.

GE QuickPanel+ operator interfaces

The GE QuickPanel+ operator interfaces range integrates process control, view and an option to run an embedded data historian for real-time control in one complete unit.

GE RXi2 IPC industrial PCs

The GE RXi2 IPC range of industrial PCs is designed to provide mid- to high-end performance computing capabilities to run HMI, historian and analytics applications right at the machine and provide real-time control of critical operations.

Panasonic FP0H micro-sized PLC

The Panasonic FP0H micro-sized PLC takes up only 42 mm of DIN rail space, and combines onboard data logging and flexible connectivity options.

ABB ACS355 solar pump inverter

The ABB ACS355 solar pump inverter can be used off-grid using a generator backup or with grid supply, and comes with power point tracking (MPPT) algorithms to derive maximum power from the PV cells when required.

ABB CHK input chokes

The CHK input chokes are a suitable accompaniment for ABB drives where input chokes are not already included.

Klemsan StoP plug-in terminal blocks

The StoP (Spring-to-Pin) plug-in terminal blocks by Klemsan are designed to make it easier to build signal or power circuits with plugs and sockets.

ABB580 drive for water industry applications

The ABB580 drive can be wall mounted or cabinet built and features built-in pump application functionality.

Puls PIRD20.241 diode redundancy module

The PIRD20.241 diode redundancy module can be used in either a 2x10 A or 1x20 A configuration for safe decoupling of parallel connected power supplies for quick integration into a system.

Red Lion CR1000 and CR3000 HMIs

The Red Lion CR1000 and CR3000 HMIs employ Crimson 3.1 software to provide more engaging interfaces with advanced design capabilities including protocol conversion, data logging and a web server for remote monitoring and control.

ABB ACS380 variable speed drive

The ABB ACS380 variable speed drive is specifically designed for heavy-duty loads and persistent predictability in large-scale producing machinery.

GE RSTi-EP CPE100 controller

The GE RSTi-EP CPE100 controller is a compact yet flexible high-performance controller that is suitable for multiple applications.

ORing IGPS-9080 Ethernet switch

The ORing IGPS-9080 series is a managed redundant ring switch with eight 10/100/1000BaseT(X) PSE ports.

ORing IGMC-111GP Gigabit Ethernet converter

The IGMC-111GP Gigabit Ethernet converter is a robust media converter with a wide operating voltage, supporting all copper-side speeds and enabling user flexibility for a fibre interface via an SFP socket.

ABB ACS480 compact variable speed drive

ABB's ACS480 compact variable speed drive has been specifically designed to optimise pump, fan and compressor operations easily as well as take advantage of energy efficiency.

ORing IGS-9122GPM modular managed Ethernet switch

The IGS-9122GPM comes with 12 copper ports and two fibre ports, along with three additional modular slots to provide Ethernet port expansion.

Red Lion RAM cellular routers with MQTT

The Red Lion RAM router range now implements MQ Telemetry Transport, a machine-to-machine (M2M) IIoT protocol designed for lightweight data transmission.

Klemsan ASCON signal transducer

The ASCON transducer has been designed to convert, measure and isolate analog signals and communicate them to industrial control systems.

BD Sensors LMP307 hydrostatic sensor

With an accuracy of 0.1% FS, the LMP307 sensor provides continuous level measurement in industrial clean or recycled water, waste fluids and fuel applications.

Schmersal Protect PSC1 compact safety controllers

The Schmersal Protect PSC1 range of compact safety controllers offers a flexible and efficient design interface, enabling users to tailor-make safety-related solutions with simple and reduced set-up times and options.

Red Lion E3 I/O distributed I/O platform

E3 I/O high-density modules offer up to 34 mixed I/O points to meet varying requirements and are able to withstand -40 to 75°C temperatures.

Novaris HSG3 hybrid spark gap

Aimed at applications with high energy and resilient main switchboard (MSB) protection, the Novaris Hybrid Spark Gap HSG3 design principle uses both sealed spark gaps and MOV technology.

GE Field Agent IIoT edge gateway

GE Field Agents are claimed to provide a rugged, preconfigured solution for secure data collection and conveyance from machines.

Red Lion Graphite HMIs with DNP3

Red Lion recently expanded its serial and Ethernet driver range with the addition of DNP3.

Red Lion PAX2C PID controllers

The Red Lion PAX2C PID controllers have been enhanced with the addition of ramp/soak capabilities and FlexCard plug-in options to meet the needs of numerous PID control applications.

GE PAC Systems Rx3i CPE400 controller

Forming part of GE's Industrial Internet Control System, the PAC Systems Rx3i CPE400 is claimed to be the industry's first outcome optimising controller.

Schmersal SLB miniature safety light barriers

The SLB series of safety light barriers from Schmersal are claimed to be the smallest safety light barriers.

Klemsan PISO passive signal isolators

Designed as a low-cost alternative to active signal isolators, Klemsan PISO passive isolators electrically isolate extra low voltage analog signals and help mitigate grounding issues.

ORing wireless LAN and 4G LTE modems

ORing's IAR dual wireless router range is available from 3G and 150 Mbps wireless up to 4G LTE and 300 Mbps wireless with dual SIM card slots.

ORing IGS-1050A Ethernet switch

The ORing IGS-1050A Ethernet switch is an unmanaged gigabit switch with five 10/100/1000base-T(X) ports and a 1000base-X SFP port.

GE Intelligent Platforms RSTi-EP remote I/O system

The GE RSTi-EP remote I/O system is suited to Industrial Internet-enabled applications, featuring an extended operating temperature range, enhanced diagnostics, plug-and-play connectivity and high channel density.

ABB PSTX soft starters

Control Logic has introduced a range of soft starters from ABB adding updated functionality such as inline and inside delta connection and support for most major communication protocols.

GE Intelligent Platforms CPE330 controller with Profinet

GE Intelligent Platforms has recently enhanced its PACSystems RX3i CPE330 CPU, which when combined with the latest firmware offers Profinet capability.

Red Lion N-Tron 7506GX series Industrial Ethernet switches

Red Lion's N-Tron 7506GX series Industrial Ethernet switches feature six ports, gigabit connectivity, SD card backup and jumbo frame support.

GE Automation & Controls PACSystems RXi

The PACSystems RXi is an industrial computing platform designed to deliver compact, rugged, high-performance computing capabilities to run HMI/SCADA, historian and analytics applications.

O-Ring IP66/67 wireless access points

Suitable for harsh environments, the O-Ring IP66/67 wireless access points allow installation in nearly any application with no additional hardware required.

Panasonic UJ35 UV cure system

The Panasonic UJ35 UV cure system utilising LED technology requires substantially less energy than conventional curing systems and has a lifetime of over 20,000 h.

ABB ACSM1 solar drives

ACSM1 solar drives from ABB are designed to reduce carbon footprint utilising solar power.

Klemsan Trunkie cable duct

Klemsan has expanded the range of sizes offered in the Trunkie range of cable duct.

Panasonic AFP7MXY32DWD I/O module

The AFP7MXY32DWD I/O module has 16 digital inputs and 16 dual-polarity transistor outputs. It is designed to work with Panasonic's FP7 programmable controller.

Satech AS4024-compliant modular safety fencing

Satech offers a perimeter guarding solution that meets the required international standards for correct implementation of a fixed or removable safety guard.

Panasonic FP0R analog expansion units

The Panasonic FP0R analog expansion units offer improved performance, extended functions and a higher resolution for improved control in plant and machine applications.

Red Lion Controls RAM cellular RTU

The Red Lion Controls RAM cellular RTUs now feature a web-based, user-configurable event engine that can trigger I/O and relays or send SMS text messages based on real-time operational data.

ABB SynRM synchronous reluctance motor solution

The ABB SynRM motor features a magnet-free rotor design and advanced software to offer a complete optimised solution.

Schmersal PROTECT SRB-E safety controllers

Each module in the Schmersal PROTECT SRB-E safety controller series can be adjusted to any one of up to 11 preset configurations to suit multiple applications.

Schmersal AZM 400 bolt locking safety interlock

The AZM 400 has been designed for applications where large, heavy doors with high manual forces are present or in applications where motor-driven doors are used.

Red Lion NT24k ethernet switches

Control Logic has added 18 compact models to its Red Lion NT24k managed Gigabit Ethernet industrial switch range.

Red Lion E3 I/O module platform

Red Lion's E3 I/O module platform is a high-density I/O system with hardened metal enclosures and multiple communication options.

Red Lion Sixnet RAM series of cellular 3G/4G LTE RTUs with data logging

Red Lion's Sixnet RAM series of cellular 3G/4G LTE RTUs now offer a data logging ability that includes support for SD card storage.

Panasonic FP7 PLC with web server

Panasonic has added a built-in web server feature to its FP7 programmable logic controllers.

Pfannenberg air-air heat exchangers

Pfannenberg air-air heat exchangers are designed to be a cooling solution for environmental conditions where the ambient air can be contaminated by dust, liquid or gases.

PULS DC-DC converters

PULS DC-DC converters are designed for use where stabilised control voltages are required, in battery-powered or mobile applications.

PULS CP10 Series power supplies

PULS CP10 Series power supplies are very compact, with a width of only 39 mm, and are available in 12, 24 and 48 V versions.

Red Lion Sixnet SLX-6RS Real-Time Ring unmanaged switch

The Sixnet series Real-Time Ring unmanaged switch is designed for managing a backup or secondary network path and remote network Modbus monitoring.

Pfannenberg Filterfan

Pfannenberg's Filterfan has flow optimised fins and rotor blades, giving it a high airflow and, at the same time, IP55 environmental protection.

Schmersal ZQ900 series safety pull wire switches

The ZQ900 series rugged safety pull wire switches offer reliable and robust emergency stop solutions for use along the length of conveyors or similar types of installations.

Pfannenberg PYRA-MA flashing sounder

The Pfannenberg PYRA-MA is a flashing sounder with a pyramid shape designed to fit closely against any surface and a high sound level range of 80–100 dB.

Panasonic EX-Z thru-beam ultraminiature photoelectric sensors

The Panasonic EX-Z thru-beam ultraminiature photoelectric sensors are small enough to consider using in applications where, previously, fibre-optic sensors were the only option.

Red Lion SN/RAM range of M2M GSM ethernet router/modems

Red Lion modems are suitable for deployment in industrial M2M networks such as water/wastewater, transportation, energy utilities, logistics, manufacturing, mining and energy management.

PULS MOSFET power redundancy modules

Redundancy modules are used for building N+1 and 1+1 redundant power supply systems, where it is critical that a control circuit remains powered even if a power supply was to fail.

Panasonic HG-C1000 series micro laser distance sensors

Panasonic has released two more measurement ranges for its HG-C1000 series micro laser distance sensors.

Schmersal SRB-EXi safety relay modules

The Schmersal SRB-EXi safety relay modules now meet the requirements for use in hazardous areas since obtaining IECEx certification.

Pfannenberg BR50 signal tower lights

Pfannenberg's BR50 range of signal tower lights offer a flexible modular design with a sturdy housing for indoor and outdoor applications.

Red Lion cellular module for Graphite HMI platform

Red Lion's HSPA+ (GMHSPA) cellular module for its Graphite HMI platform uses an HSPA+ cellular network to provide data communication to remotely located assets across oil and gas, water and wastewater, power, utility and alternative energy applications.

Red Lion Watchdog Relay

The Watchdog Relay is a hardware-based solution designed to monitor and provide for the fail-safe shutdown of processes controlled by RTUs, PLCs and other automation devices.

Red Lion N-Tron series NT24k-8TX-POE PoE+ gigabit switch

Red Lion's N-Tron series NT24k-8TX-POE compact managed Gigabit Ethernet switch features eight 10/100/1000BaseT(X) ports with PoE+ providing a robust solution for transmitting power and data to equipment in harsh environments.

Pfannenberg Patrol flashing sounders

Pfannenberg has released the Patrol range of combination sounders and flashing lights, which are suitable for any application.

Red Lion N-Tron 1008TX 8-port gigabit unmanaged switch

The N-Tron 1008TX is an 8-port unmanaged switch offering Gigabit Ethernet on all ports and complying with IEEE 1613 for electric utility substations.

PULS PIANO series DIN rail power supplies

The PULS PIANO series of DIN rail power supplies are compact, industrial-grade power supplies that focus on the essential features needed in today's industrial applications.

Jay Electronique SAFIR range of radio remote controls with IECEx certification

The SAFIR range of radio remote controls from has now gained IECEx approvals for the Moka handheld control and the Alto transceiver.

Schmersal RSS16 safety sensor

The RSS16 shares its dimensions with the AZ16 electromechanical safety switch, but with the addition of Schmersal's RFID technology the RSS16 gives users the option of three levels of protection against defeat.

Jay Elecronique Beta handheld controllers

Jay Electronique has added the Beta 2 button and Beta 6 button control units to its IECEx range. They are approved for use in potentially explosive gas atmospheres classified zone 0, 1 and 2 or dust classified zones 20, 21 and 22.

Schmersal RSS16 RFID safety sensor

Utilising wear-free RFID technology, the RSS16 safety sensor by Schmersal is designed to overcome limitations of electromechanical devices.

Schmersal Universal BDF200 control panel

With a variety of contact configurations, the Universal BDF200 is designed to offer a flexible and ergonomic solution for machine builders.

Schmersal TESK series safety hinge switches

The TESK series of safety hinge switches feature freely adjustable switching angles, and the option to select up to four contact configurations with cable or plug connections.

Schmersal SLC/SLG 445 multifunction light curtains and light grids

The Schmersal SLC445 and SLG445 series of multifunction safety light curtains and safety light grids are suitable for use in safety circuits up to Type 4 to EN 61496-1, PLe (EN 13849-1) or SIL3 (EN 62061).

Panasonic HG-C series laser distance sensors

The HG-C series laser distance sensors with built-in amplifiers are available in three sensing distances of 30, 50 and 100 mm.

Schmersal PS116 position switches

With a symmetrical design, a variety of contact configurations and a large selection of repositional actuators, the PS116 is designed to offer flexible and reliable solutions for many applications.

Red Lion Controls PXU series PID controllers

The PXU series enables tighter, more reliable control over a wide range of processes, including temperature, flow and pressure, from a single unit.

Jay Electronique SAFIR range of radio remote controls

Standard on all SAFIR transceivers is a backlit, anti-reflection, LCD display able to indicate the battery charge level, the behaviour of the radio link and the name of the equipment being controlled remotely.

PULS QS40.241 compact 1 kW power supply

The QS40.241 is a compact 1 kW single-phase, wide input voltage range power supply that has a housing width of only 125 mm and weighs 1.9 kg.

Panasonic FP7 Series programmable logic controller

The FP7 Series PLC offers a fast, 32-bit processor platform with a large adjustable memory capacity for program or data and a high-speed processor capable of 11 ns per step.

PULS UC10.241 and UC10.242 DC buffer modules

The UC10.241 and UC10.242 DC buffer modules extend the buffer times currently offered by the UF20.241 and UF20.481 by utilising electrochemical double-layer capacitors

Schmersal Tesk series safety hinge switches

With Tesk safety hinge switches, the switching angle is freely adjustable over the whole of the working range.

PULS UB20.241 DIN rail UPS

The UB20.241 DIN rail UPS has been designed to back up critical 24 VDC loads such as PLCs, RTUs and HMIs in the event of a power failure.

Relpol MR-ET1P temperature monitoring relay

Sometimes known as a PTC or thermistor relay, these devices monitor the temperature of a motor winding by use of up to six PTC thermistors.

Schmersal SLC440COM safety light curtains and SLG440COM safety light grids

The SLC440COM Series safety light curtains and SLG440COM Series safety light grids are an economical, compact solution offering the highest protection for the user, and incorporate highly visible status signalling in a rugged housing.

Schmersal AZ300 mechatronic safety switch

The design of the external cam on the AZ300 mechatronic safety switch allows it to accept the actuator from any of three sides, and an integrated RFID sensor adds a non-contact operating principle with the option of individual coding.

Red Lion Data Station Plus ZR Series protocol gateway

The Red Lion Data Station Plus ZR Series offers protocol conversion, data logging and remote machine access at processing speeds six times faster than previous versions.

Sixnet remote terminal units

Sixnet RTUs are configured by using Sixnet’s windows-based toolkit and offer the programming flexibility of either C or ISaGRAF Open programming software.

Red Lion Controls Crimson 3.0 ethernet switch monitoring

Crimson 3.0 configuration software has been integrated with N-View server software from N-Tron, making it possible to monitor all N-Tron and Sixnet industrial ethernet switches from any locally mounted Red Lion G3 operator interface.

PULS CPS20-series DIN rail power supply

The PULS CPS20-series DIN rail power supply requires only 65 mm of space on the DIN rail and delivers 24 V, 20 A or 48 V, 10 A.

Schmersal BNS 40S coded magnetic safety sensor

The Schmersal BNS 40S is a robust, coded magnetic safety sensor made from precision cast high-grade stainless steel and specifically designed for the food and beverage industry.

Red Lion PAX2C PID controller

Red Lion PAX2C PID controller is designed to improve flexibility and ease of use for process and temperature control.

Red Lion PAX2S strain gauge meter

The PAX2S provides advanced control and communication for weight measurement applications in environments that include food processing, truck scales, material storage and other weighing scenarios.

Red Lion PAX2D digital panel meter

The Red Lion PAX2D digital panel meter is a single package featuring a dual counter and dual rate meter, with a third counter and rate display that allows the user to perform math functions. With universal features and versatile programming capabilities, this single meter can suit virtually any digital pulse application.

Red Lion ProducTVity Station

The Red Lion ProducTVity Station is a solution for collecting, recording and displaying critical key performance indicators (KPIs) and machine status messages on any TV, monitor or projector equipped with a DVI/HDMI interface.

Solenoid interlock with three-point locking

Schmersal has developed a new solution for the protection of large safety guards.

Industrial wireless ethernet radio

N-TRON’s 702-W series industrial wireless ethernet radio claims the highest throughput of any industrial wireless device currently available.

N-TRON 700 industrial ethernet switches

The N-TRON 700 series industrial ethernet switches are suitable for use connecting ethernet enabled industrial and/or security equipment and are fully managed switches.

Micro PLC

Panasonic has released six add-on cassettes for the micro PLC, the FP-X. There are now 16 I/O and communication cassette options available, the highlight being an ethernet communications cassette.

Red Lion CUB5 Series analog panel meters

Red Lion has announced its CUB5 Series analog panel meters that have a footprint that is 30% smaller than conventional 48 x 96 mm meters.

CUB5 Series panel meter

Red Lion has announced its CUB5 Series analog panel meters that have a footprint that is 30% smaller than conventional 48 x 96 mm meters.

Analog panel meters with 30% smaller footprint

Red Lion has announced its CUB5 Series Analog Panel Meters that, according to the company, increase user versatility in a footprint that is 30% smaller than conventional 48 x 96 mm meters and nearly half the cost.

15" TFT operator interface panel

Red Lion's latest addition to the G3 series of operator interfaces is the G315C touchscreen. The G315C offers a 15" TFT active matrix 32K colour XVGA 1024 x 768 pixel LCD and a 10-button keypad for on-screen menus.

Entry-level industrial ethernet

N-Tron's 100 series industrial ethernet switches, 104TX and 105TX, are low-cost unmanaged four- and five-port industrial ethernet switches.

15" TFT operator interface panel

Red Lion's latest addition to the G3 series of operator interfaces is the G315C touch screen. The G315C offers a large 15" TFT active matrix 32K colour XVGA 1024 x 768 pixel LCD and a 10-button keypad for on-screen menus.

Data handling

The Data Station Plus has an integrated protocol converter to bridge the communication gap between disparate serial and ethernet devices.

Data station

Red Lion has released a tool for connectivity and data management. The Data Station Plus is a multiple protocol converter, a system data logger and a web interface for industrial applications.

Data Station Plus

Red Lion have released a powerful tool for connectivity and data management. The Data Station Plus is a multiple protocol converter, a system data logger and a web interface for industrial applications.

Display meters

The range of panel meters for multiple functions from Red Lion Controls has been expanded with the introduction of PAX Lite local display meters.


Red Lion Controls has launched another generation of operator interfaces with the introduction of the G303 text/graphical panel.


MDT Software appoints Control Logic as master distributor

MDT Software's change management solution is now available in Australia through Control Logic.

Novaris appoints Control Logic as national distributor

Control Logic has expanded its distribution network to be a national distributor of Novaris surge and electrical lightning protection products in Australia.

Control Logic partners with Hirschmann

The products of technology and industrial networking company Hirschmann are now available through Control Logic.

Control Logic celebrates a strong partnership with GE

Control Logic has taken out multiple awards at the 2018 GE Automation & Controls Channel Advisory Conference in Shanghai.

Control Logic partners with CSE Uniserve

Control Logic has been appointed a channel partner in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia for CSE Uniserve.

Control Logic expands GE business to WA

Control Logic has expanded its distribution network of GE Automation & Controls products and services to include Western Australia.

Control Logic now offers VSD servicing

Control Logic has announced that it has expanded its offerings to include variable speed drive servicing in partnership with ABB and Brimar.

Control Logic appointed Schmersal and SUNX distributors

Control Logic Pty Ltd has been appointed the exclusive Australian distributor for Schmersal and SUNX products.

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