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Conlab Pty Ltd

Conlab provide professional solutions encompassing Software Security, Wireless, Telemetry and SCADA systems that individually, or integrated, meet our customers' requirements.

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Suite 13/1020 Doncaster Road , Doncaster East VIC 3109 (Directions)


ZigSense model ZS3G-SMS-P2P cellular network controllers

The ZigSense model ZS3G-SMS-P2P is a cable replacer matched pair cellular network controller designed to transfer digital on/off commands between two remote sites where the distance between the two sites is extremely far.

ZigSense model ZS3G-SMS GSM/3G monitor and control node

By sending SMS commands to the ZS3G-SMS cellular node, authorised users can remotely monitor and control up to four digital inputs and four digital outputs wired to a wide range of industrial equipment.

Conlab ZigSense Cloud Controller

The ZigSense Cloud Controller is designed to support internet-based applications where data from remote ZigSense wireless sensors is uploaded to a secured website and is fully integrated with a cloud-based back-end management system.

ZigSense Model ZS-P2MP-002 point-to-multipoint wireless cable replacer system

The Model ZS-P2MP-002 supports point-to-multipoint (P2MP) technology transferring wired sensors data and I/O control commands between a local master node and two slave nodes installed in separate remote locations.

Conlab ZigSense wireless sensing system

ZigSense is an Australian-made wireless sensing system using ZigBee mesh network technology as its core communications layer.

ZigSense models ZS24-REU-001 and ZS09-REU-010 wireless pulse counting nodes

The ZS24-REU-001 and ZS09-REU-010 wireless nodes are designed for ultralow-power pulse counting metering applications.

ZigBee wireless sensor nodes

The ZigSense line of wireless sensors utilises ZigBee mesh network technology as its core communications channel. Australian designed and made, ZigSense wireless nodes establish a self-healing network of spatially distributed sensors that cooperatively monitor physical and environmental conditions. Data can be transferred to standard SCADA, telemetry, PLC and HMI stations via a ZigSense communications gateway.

Wireless ethernet modem

MaxStream's XEB-009-CI XPress radio modem provides a long-range, high-speed wireless ethernet TCPIP to TCPIP connection. Its frequency range was designed to eliminate potential interference by 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks. The 900 MHz ISM band frequency range is DIP switch selectable and RF data rate is 1.5 Mbaud with <1 millisec latency via a dedicated link.

TBOX internet ready control

The TBOX supports simultaneous communications. The system's real-time and logged data is accessible through various modems such as dial up, GSM/GPRS, radio, leased line, or other communications links such as ethernet TCP/IP, fibre optic, RS232 and RS485. Alarm conditions generated by the monitored process are distributed to a list of recipients in the form of mobile phone SMS messages or email message.



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