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CMC Technologies Pty Ltd

CMC Technologies supplies industrial instrumentation to all industries. Rupture Disks / Bursting Discs, explosion vents, explosion pannels, aircushion, explosion doors, flame arresters, sight glasses and luminaires, camera systems, differential pressure gauges, switches & averaging pitot tubes.

Phone: 02 9669 4000
Fax: 02 9669 4111
Unit 19, 77 Bourke Road , Alexandria NSW 2015 (Directions)


Pressure controllers and gauges

The Series A3 digital differential pressure controller is a microprocessor-based pressure controller for positive, negative and differential pressure as well as velocity and flow. The Series A3 differential pressure controller includes two 8A SPDT relays and an associated software package that allows full configuration of variables such as set points, dead band, engineering units and flow coefficients. The programming is done from a user-friendly menu on the LCD or uploaded using an Opti Link programming key. The LCD also displays the exact set points or other user-defined variables during normal operation. The menu structure can be customised by moving variables to different menu levels to accommodate many applications.

Wireless data logging system

T&D’s RTR-5 Series wireless system for the measurement of temperature, humidity, voltage or pulse consists of compact water-resistant data loggers, a dedicated base station, data collector and communication port which allow for data collection, start and stop recording and data checking via wireless communication.



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