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Boge C-2 screw compressors

Boge has introduced an updated generation of its C-series screw compressors.

BOGE S 111-4 anniversary compressor

The BOGE S 111-4 anniversary compressor integrates the traditional status notification into the body of the machine as an easily visible light strip.

Boge Low Pressure Turbo 150 compressor

The Low Pressure Turbo 150 compressor enables operators of low pressure networks to reduce their running costs.

BOGE FRDA tandem dryers

With the FRDA tandem dryer, BOGE includes a combined refrigeration and adsorption dryer in its product range for the first time.

Boge DS-2 refrigeration dryer

The Boge DS-2 refrigeration dryer offers a 30% reduction in power consumpion.

Boge EO 11 oil-free scroll compressor

Boge Compressors has extended its EO range of scroll compressors to ensure full protection from contamination, with the EO 11 producing oil-free compressed air in the 11 kW performance segment.

Boge S4 screw compressor

To cater for growing demands from customers for compressed air systems with minimum power consumption in the performance range from 110 to 160 kW, Boge Compressors has released the S4.

Boge silencer hood for C series compressors

Boge has recently enhanced its small C series range of screw compressors up to 15 kW. The compact C 10 LDR to C 20 LDR are now available with Boge’s super silencer hood, making this range suitable for point-of-use applications.

Boge BC series oil-free air converters

The Boge BC series converters are designed to cost-effectively assist producing oil-free compressed air to Class 0 (ISO 8573-0) quality.

Boge SO -2 series oil-free screw compressors

Boge has launch its second-generation SO series oil-free screw compressors. The second generation models introduce higher efficiency, reduced sound pressure levels and a service friendly layout to the 110 to 255 kW performance class.

Boge D Series adsorption dryers

The Boge D Series adsorption dryers utilise the traditional twin tower system; however, each tower contains a cartridge that contains pre- and after-filtration as well as the desiccant media - while one tower adsorbs humidity, the other one regenerates the desiccant.

Boge stand-alone Duotherm heat-recovery system

Boge has launched a stand-alone Duotherm heat-recovery system. The compact module is a suitable solution for compressed air users wanting to optimise the energy usage of their existing compressed air system via heat recovery.

Boge S 40-2 Bluekat oil-lubricated Class 0 compressor

The S 40-2 Bluekat is an oil-lubricated screw compressor with a built-in converter that produces oil-free compressed air for the small to medium-sized compressed air user.

Boge compressor monitoring app

Boge has recently launched an iPhone app designed to provide compressed air users with a remote monitoring solution.

Boge CF series frequency-controlled screw compressors

The Boge CF series frequency-controlled screw compressors are designed to provide a quiet, compact and energy-efficient compressed air solution to the medium-sized compressed air user with a fluctuating demand for compressed air.

Boge SO 150-2 to SO 269-2 oil-free, water-cooled screw compressors

Boge has launched the second-generation SO 150-2 to SO 269-2 oil-free, water-cooled screw compressors from 110 to 200 kW that claim increased efficiency, improved volume flow and lower sound pressure values.

Boge C series screw compressors C 15 to C 30

Boge has recently extended the C series range of screw compressors up to 22 kW. The C 15 to C 30 are claimed to provide a quiet, compact and efficient compressed air solution for the medium-sized compressed air user.

Boge API-SO series of oil-free compressors

The Boge API-SO series of oil-free compressors now meets the API 619:2004 standard. The series incorporates the same design features of the standard SO series and is suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical, food and drinks and semiconductor industries as well as the petrochemical and gas industries.

Boge ED series refrigerant dryers

One of the most economic methods of treating compressed air is with a refrigerant dryer. By cooling the compressed air down to near freezing point, the water and oil vapour are condensed and particles of dirt are bound together and resulting condensate is then separated from the air flow. In most cases, the pressure dewpoint need only be a few degrees lower than the ambient temperature to prevent condensate from forming in the pipes.

Wireless compressor monitoring

Logair is a wireless communication system that provides remote monitoring of a compressed air system via either a PC or mobile phone. Logair is a suitable solution where a user wants a permanent online link, a fault detector, a remote data request system and visualisation over the internet without the necessity of a comprehensive management system.

Oil-free compressors

Boge has extended their K series oil-free piston compressor range with the addition of 15 and 40 bar options. The K series provides the smaller air user with a compact, energy- and cost-effective, oil-free compressor solution.

CL series range compressors

Boge Compressors has extended their CL series range of compressors by introducing 7.5, 11 and 15 kW models.

Compressor controller

The Boge Focus compressor controller operates according to the customer's actual compressed air demand ensuring optimised system efficiency. It has been designed to ensure simple and reliable control for various operating parameters at two levels and serves to monitor, control and optimise a compressed air system efficiently.

Compressor energy optimisation system

Boge has announced the airtelligence Provis energy optimisation system, designed to help optimise operating costs, reduce maintenance costs and improve energy efficiency through integrating the airtelligence Provis into a compressed air system with multiple compressors.

Compressor range with energy efficiencies

The SO-W series screw compressors have been improved in the free air delivery (FAD) and with up to 4% in the specific power required (kW/m3/min).

Screw compressors

The free air delivery of the 45-90 kW oil-free water cooled SO-W series screw compressors has been improved. System efficiency has also been improved with reductions of up to 4% in the specific power required (kW/m3/min). The result across the range has been to create more compressed air more energy efficiently.

Energy optimisation system

Optimised operating costs, reduced maintenance costs and energy efficiency are all key benefits which are claimed to be achieved by integrating the Airtelligence energy optimisation system into a compressed air system with multiple compressors.


Nitrogen protects grain storage from pests

Using nitrogen in grain silos removes the oxygen from the silo and therefore takes away the means of survival for pests and fungi.

Boge continuous improvement system wins award

Using ongoing data analysis, BOGE identifies energy saving potentials and continuously further develops its compressed air systems in operation.

Boge appoints OHM as distributor in NSW

OHM, based in NSW, has recently been appointed as a distributor of the Boge range of compressors and ancillary equipment.

Cleveland Compressed Air Services teams up with Boge

Boge Compressors has appointed Perth-based Cleveland Compressed Air Services as a distributor of the Boge range of compressors and ancillary equipment.



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