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Bintech Products

Bintech offers a range of pressure, level, temperature and flow instruments, specialising in underground tank level measurement, manufactured under the Bintel label by Bintech.

Phone: 1300 363 163
Fax: 03 9467 7900
17 Scholar Drive , Bundoora VIC 3083 (Directions)


Bintech SDS 6100 satellite level system

The SDS 6100 range is based on highly reliable and accurate sensors coupled with a satellite communication module and, to reduce even further reliance on local infrastructure, a solar-powered version is available.

Pi Cronos analyser/controller

The Cronos analyser/controller from Pi has up to three universal inputs and up to three universal analog outputs, up to four relays, and options for Profibus, Modbus, LAN and other communications protocols. The user interface comes equipped in multiple languages and a set-up wizard for ease of use.

CRIUS Solisense turbidity meter

The CRIUS Solisense turbidity meter ranges from 0.02 NTU (FTU) to 8% solids and is claimed to be unique in its ability to measure from NTU to percent solids in one sensor. It is suitable for potable water monitoring, filter monitoring, mixed liquor suspended solids monitoring, sludge monitoring centrate monitoring, filtrate monitoring and other applications where a traditional turbidity meter or suspended solids analyser would be used.

Pulsar Sludge Finder 2

Pulsar’s Sludge Finder 2 is a solution to the problem of accurately measuring interface levels in primary or secondary settlement tanks and SBR systems. Operating ultrasonically through liquid, Sludge Finder 2 uses echo processing algorithms to identify the sludge interface level by digital echo processing techniques.

Crius 3200 dissolved oxygen monitor

The Crius 3200 dissolved oxygen monitor offers an automatic in-situ calibration check as an option, making it able to save customers money by checking its calibration at user-defined time intervals.

In-situ self-verifying dissolved oxygen meter

Represented in Australia by Bintech Products, the UK-based instrumentation company Pi has claimed to have launched the world’s first in-situ self-checking dissolved oxygen meter.

Radio unit

Bintech is proud to announce the release of the Pulsar IMP with Radio (R-IMP), designed to be a very cost-effective level monitoring/radio solution.

Overflow monitor

Pulsar's SludgeFinder sludge level monitor uses a self-cleaning acoustic sensor that sits under the liquid surface of a clarifier or sludge tank. An acoustic signal is bounced off the bottom of the tank and modulations in the returning signal are interpreted to provide a profile of the sludge in the tank.

Sewage pumping station control

Pulsar has developed a new generation of zero maintenance ultrasonic level measurement and control devices offering the wastewater industry savings in both capital and running costs. The system can even take the place of a PLC in a small station.



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