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Bestech Australia Pty Ltd

Bestech together with Technical & Scientific Equipment Company is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of sensors, transducers, signal conditioners, indicators and Data Acquisition systems for mechanical parameters like Leak, Displacement, Tilt, Pressure, Strain, Force, Torque, Vibration, Level, Flow, Temperature and Material Testing. Bestech also offers electronic and mechanical design, repair and calibration. You can call Bestech engineers for expert advice and complete measurement solutions.

Phone: 03 9540 5100
Fax: 03 9551 5541
Unit 14, 44 Garden Boulevard , Dingley VIC 3172 (Directions)


Micro-Epsilon ILR2250 Long Range Laser Displacement Sensor

The optoNCDT ILR2250 long range laser displacement sensor offers a high-resolution measuring capability of 0.1 mm for medium- to long-distance measurement.

meSysteme DA54 strain sensor

The DA54 strain sensor is a high-resolution measuring system used for the detection of forces and deformations in structures such as silos and tanks.

KELLER Series DCX-22 data logging probes

The Series DCX-22 CTD level probes with integrated data logger are available with a robust 316L stainless steel housing.

Furness Controls FCO432 differential pressure transmitter

The Furness Controls FCO432 differential pressure transmitter offers a wide measuring range from low pressure of ±50 Pa to +10 bar.

Micro Epsilon optoNCDT 1220 laser triangulation sensor

The optoNCDT 1220 entry-level laser triangulation sensor is suitable for measurement of displacement, distance and position in high-volume applications.

Micro Epsilon scanCONTROL 30xx/BL laser scanner

The scanCONTROL 30xx/BL laser scanner is designed for dynamic measurement applications that require a system with high resolution and accuracy.

Micro Epsilon TIM40 small thermal imaging camera

The TIM40 small thermal imaging camera from Micro Epsilon is suitable for high-volume industrial applications, including those of OEMs.

Micro-Epsilon optoNCDT 1750DR laser triangulation sensor

The optoNCDT 1750DR is a non-contact laser displacement sensor specifically designed for measurement of specular surfaces or highly reflective objects.

Keller KOLIBRI Cloud

Available to all Keller AG customers, the KOLIBRI Cloud has been developed to fill the needs of users that want to access their data anytime and from anywhere.

Validyne P78 submersible differential pressure transducer

The Validyne P78 is a submersible differential pressure transducer that is designed for pressure measurements applications underwater or in harsh environments.

Keller M8cool HB miniature pressure transmitter

The M8cool supports measurements carried out at temperatures up to 1000°C when equipped with appropriate cooling.

Keller LEO 5 digital manometer

The Keller LEO 5 digital manometer is designed for the monitoring of pressure peaks in the water industry.


KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik has announced a cloud solution called KOLIBRI Cloud.

Endevco 28959G portable accelerometer calibrator

The 28959G is a portable calibrator for accelerometers that can be used to calibrate both piezoresistive and variable capacitance accelerometers in one system.

Ahlborn FHA696 GF1 moisture sensors

The Ahlborn FHA 696 GF1 sensors can be used for determining the moisture content in granulated materials.

Watanabe Electronics WPMZ series digital panel meters

The WPMZ series digital panel meters from Watanabe Electronics offer a high-speed sampling rate of up to 4 kHz for single channel operation.

ElasitSense EDS capacitive displacement sensor

The EDS sensor is a contact capacitive displacement sensor with a hyper-elastic elastomer stretchable strain gauge.

Micro Epsilon Microscopic lens thermal imager

The Microscopic lens from Micro Epsilon makes it possible to monitor the temperature of ultra-small objects.

Micro Epsilon optoNCDT 1750 laser sensor

The Micro Epsilon optoNCDT 1750 laser sensor is able to measure distance and displacement up to 500 and 750 mm, bringing the total measurement range from 2 to 750 mm.

Micro-Epsilon optoCONTROL 2520-46(090) optical micrometer

The optoCONTROL 2520-46(090) optical micrometer from Micro-Epsilon has a receiver that is able to rotate by 90°, making it suitable for installations in limited and restricted space.

SCAIME OBAC-002 fibre-optic accelerometer

The SCAIME OBAC-002 is a fibre-optic accelerometer that offers precise and reliable low-level vibration and DC acceleration measurement.

Meggitt Sensing Systems Model 35C miniature triaxial accelerometer

The Model 35C from Meggitt Sensing Systems is said to be the world's smallest IEPE triaxial accelerometer.

MicroEpsilon TIM G7 VGA thermal imager

The MicroEpsilon TIM G7 VGA thermal imager is specifically designed for temperature monitoring in the glass industry.

Burster model 8431 and 8432 miniature load cells

The Burster model 8431 and 8432 precision miniature load cells are designed for precise tension and compression force measurements in limited spaces.

Micro-Epsilon optoNCDT 2300-2DR blue laser sensor

The optoNCDT 2300-2DR blue laser sensor is specially designed for displacement and distance measurements on directly reflecting surfaces.

BeanDevice Wilow AX-3D Wi-Fi accelerometer and data logger

The BeanDevice Wilow AX-3D is an ultralow-power Wi-Fi accelerometer with a built-in data logger. It can be triggered by a built-in shock sensor.

Validyne P895 pressure transducer

The Validyne P895 pressure transducer is designed for applications requiring high performance through ambient temperature changes.

Alliance Sensors SS-7 Series linear position sensors

The SS-7 Series linear position sensors are designed to be used to measure the ram position of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in industrial, mobile or subsea applications.

MicroEpsilon capaNCDT 6110 capacitive displacement system

The MicroEpsilon capaNCDT 6110 is a compact, single-channel capacitive displacement sensor system capable of thickness, coordinates, level, tilt and vibration measurements.

Micro-Epsilon confocalDT 2471 HS confocal chromatic controller

The Micro-Epsilon confocalDT 2471 HS is a fast confocal chromatic controller for measuring displacements, distances and thickness in the glass and electronics industry.

Validyne DP15 variable reluctance pressure transducer

The DP15 is capable of low- to high-pressure measurement with low power consumption and features a replaceable pressure sensing diaphragm which allows pressure measurement from 0.08 to 3200 psi in 23 full-scale ranges.

Micro-Epsilon TIM G7 thermal imaging camera for glass applications

The Micro-Epsilon TIM G7 is an industrial thermal imaging camera specially tailored for the glass industry, for applications including glass processing and finishing, and glass for displays and solar energy.

Watanabe WPMZ series digital panel meters

The Watanabe WPMZ series digital panel meters address issues found with previous meters such as complicated operation and displays that are hard to read.

Micro-Epsilon eddyNCDT 3005 eddy current displacement sensors

The Micro-Epsilon eddyNCDT 3005 eddy current sensors can measure displacement, distance, position, oscillations and vibrations at high speeds of up to 100 kHz.

Wilcoxon Research vibration transmitters

Wilcoxon Research vibration sensors include an accelerometer and vibration transmitter combined in a rugged housing for cost-effective continuous vibration monitoring.

Micro-Epsilon optoNCDT 1420 laser triangulation displacement sensor

The optoNCDT 1420 is a laser triangulation displacement sensor designed for displacement, distance and position measurements with a high measurement accuracy of 0.08% FS.

Burster DIGIFORCE 9311 force and displacement controller

The DIGIFORCE 9311 force and displacement controller is designed to offer rapid evaluation results when strict quality demands are coupled with high production rates.

Burster Digistant Model 4462 calibrator

The Burster Digistant Model 4462 is designed for high-precision calibration of voltage, current and thermocouples.

Silicon Designs 3340 G-Logger DAQ system

The 3340 G-Logger DAQ system can be used for quick and simple vibration monitoring when paired with an accelerometer and is capable of fast Fourier transform (FFT) analysis.

Micro-Epsilon reflectCONTROL Compact reflective surface inspection

The Micro-Epsilon reflectCONTROL Compact is designed for inspection of reflective surfaces and can automatically log and store results to enable objective comparisons.

Endevco Model 46AXX POD accelerometer range

The Endevco Model 46AXX POD accelerometer is a general-purpose accelerometer designed for versatility in mounting configuration.

Bestech LRL-27 series inductive linear position sensors

The LRL-27 series LVIT sensors are contactless devices designed for factory automation systems and a variety of heavy-duty industrial or commercial applications.

Bestech WPMZ series 1/8 DIN digital panel meters

The WPMZ series 1/8 DIN digital panel meters have a 2.4″ TFT full-colour LCD screen, and the front panel enclosure is IP66 rated.

DIGIFORCE 9307 universal process controller

The DIGIFORCE 9307 universal controller offers simultaneous monitoring of two synchronous processes and up to 128 measurement programs for a large variety of parts.

Keller 21D and 21DC series pressure sensors with RFID

The Keller 21D/DC RFID series combine industrial pressure sensing with RFID wireless communication and data logging.

Micro-Epsilon thermoIMAGER TIM M1

The thermoIMAGER TIM M1 can obtain continuous temperature measurements in the range of 450°C to 1800°C.

MicroEpsilon colorCONTROL ACS7000 sensor head for curved surfaces

MicroEpsilon is introducing a sensor head for the colorCONTROL ACS7000 for performing in-line colour measurement on structured and curved surfaces with an extremely small measurement spot.

Micro-Epsilon colour sensor range for pharmaceuticals and manufacturing

German manufacturer Micro-Epsilon offers high-quality colour sensors using the latest optical fibre technology.

Keller M5 series miniature pressure sensors

Capable of measurement rates of up to 50 kHz, the pressure sensors in the Keller M5 series are intended for operating temperatures between -40 and +180°C with a narrow total error band (including temperature errors) of ±1%.

Micro-Episolon optoCONTROL 2600 optical micrometer

optoCONTROL 2600 optical micrometers are used to measure the roundness and diameter of stainless steel metal stampings to a measurement accuracy of ±2 µm.

OptoNCDT LD1610 and LD1630 analog PSD laser sensors

The OptoNCDT LD1610 and LD1630 analog PSD laser sensors are replacements for the previous LD1607 model.

Micro-Epsilon capaNCDT 6110 capacitive sensors and controller

Applications of the Micro-Epsilon capaNCDT 6110 capacitive sensors and controller include thickness measurement, coordinates measurement, level tilting, brake testers, and vibration.

Bestech LR Series linear position sensors

The LR Series inductive sensors offer non-contact measurement at a similar cost to potentiometers.

Ahlborn Almemo 202 data acquisition device for digital sensors

The Almemo 202 is designed to accommodate a wide range of digital sensors that are connected using a new connector type incorporating its own integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and serial interface.

Micro Epsilon CSVideo and CTVideo series video pyrometers

The CSVideo and CTVideo series video pyrometers can be used for temperature measurement up to 2200°C in hard-to-reach areas such as targets that are not visible and in high-temperature applications.

Micro-Epsilon thermoIMAGER TIM 640 infrared camera

The Micro-Epsilon thermoIMAGER TIM 640 is an ultracompact infrared camera that performs radiometric image and video recording with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

Keller M5 series miniature pressure sensor

The M5 series pressure sensors are designed for operating temperatures between -40 and +180°C with a narrow total error band (including temperature errors) of ±1%.

Keller PRD-33X series differential pressure transmitter

The Keller PRD-33X series differential pressure transmitter includes a double sensor for measuring the differential and line pressure independently, making it suitable for liquified gas tanks.

Micro-Epsilon eddyNCDT SGS 4701 eddy current sensor

The eddyNCDT SGS 4701 eddy current sensor is suitable for measuring the thermal extension of high-frequency spindles in order to minimise positioning errors in machine tools.

Micro-Epsilon eddyNCDT 3001 eddy current sensor

The Micro-Epsilon eddyNCDT 3001 eddy current sensor comes with integrated electronics including temperature compensation.

Micro-Epsilon optoCONTROL 2520 laser micrometer with integrated controller

The optoCONTROL 2520 can measure diameters, edges and gaps on the target object, and up to eight segments can be measured and output simultaneously.

Micro-Epsilon TIM450 miniature infrared camera

The latest Micro-Epsilon miniature infrared camera, the TIM450, offers a high optical resolution of 382 x 288 pixels and features a detector with high thermal sensitivity.

Bestech LA-25-A series LVDT linear position sensors

The LA-25-A LVDT linear sensor features a sturdy 25.4 mm diameter heavy wall housing of aluminium or stainless steel and two double-contact shaft seals that keep fluids and solid contaminants out of its bore, and it offers a choice of axial connectors or a cable in a metal cord grip.

Ahlborn FVA 645 GVx stainless steel liquid flow sensor

The Ahlborn FVA 645 GVx is a stainless steel flow sensor for liquids with a design that incorporates no moving parts and has integrated temperature measurement.

Micro-Epsilon idiamCONTROL extruder bore inspection system

The Micro-Epsilon idiamCONTROL extruder bore inspection system is designed to allow precise planning of the maintenance intervals or replacement intervals of individual extruder housing parts.

Ahlborn ALMEMO 710 touch-screen data logger

The ALMEMO 710 touch-screen data logger can connect to and evaluate all new (D7) as well as existing sensors, and can process up to 10 channels including multivalue sensors and external devices such as complex chemical analysers and energy analysers.

NOHKEN CG300 capacitance level sensor

The NOHKEN CG300 series capacitance level sensors are designed for liquid level detection and measurement, offering an accuracy of ±0.5% FS and an operating temperature range of -20 to 60°C.

TML TC-32K digital strain meter and CWS-5A switching box

TML has introduced the TC-32K digital strain meter and data logger and the CSW-5A 5-channel automatic switching box. In addition to strain, DC voltage, thermocouple and Pt RTD measurements, the TC-32K can be used as a digital multimeter for measurement of resistance and insulation resistance.

Asahi AL512 loop-powered digital indicator

Applications for the Asahi AL512 loop-powered indicator include any situation where 4-20 mA signals are to be displayed and require visual reading from a few metres away.

Ahlborn FDAD33 and FDAD35M high-precision digital pressure sensors

The Ahlborn FDAD33 and FDAD35M high-precision pressure sensors include an integrated A/D converter and signal conditioner.

SealTick TSE6089b package integrity tester

The SealTick TSE6089b enables the testing of seals in food and pharmaceutical packages.

Endevco Commercial Automated Accelerometer Calibration System

The Endevco CAACS provides traceable NIST calibration for most types of accelerometers, whether self-generating piezoelectric, or accelerometers requiring external voltage or current excitation.

Furness FC770 leak detector

The FCO770 leak tester can be set up to test with vacuum or positive pressure. The maximum negative pressure range is -100 kPa (0 kPa absolute) and the maximum positive pressure range is 3 MPa (30 bar).

TE large horizontal servo control hydraulic tensile testing machines

Bestech has available a range of large horizontal servo control hydraulic tensile testing machines from TE. These massive machines have load capacities of 500 up to 15,000 kN. Smaller size, vertical hydraulic testers are also available.

Almemo 2470 data loggers

The Almemo 2470 data loggers can be used as a stand-alone alarm display device with or without data logging facility.

Micro-Epsilon Eltrotec colorControl ACS 7000 colour measuring system

The colorControl ACS 7000 from Micro-Epsilon Eltrotec is an online colour measuring system.

Micro-Epsilon gapControl and reflectControl sensors

Displacement laser triangulation sensors from Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik are designed to be able to provide high-precision laser sensing solutions for robot measurement tasks.

Micro-Epsilon thermoImager 400 and 450 miniature infrared cameras

The Micro-Epsilon miniature infrared camera range has been extended with two models: the thermoImager (TIM) 400 and the thermoImager (TIM) 450, both of which offer optical resolution of 382 x 288 pixels.

Keller Series 35X HTC high-temperature pressure transmitter

The Series 35X HTC high-temperature pressure transmitter from Keller is primarily designed for biotechnology and food industry applications. The pressure of hot media applied to the diaphragm is transferred via an exposed oil-filled spiral capillary to the sensing element. Heat to a maximum of 300°C is therefore safely dissipated to the atmosphere before it reaches the sensing element when the sensor is optimally mounted.

TML TMR 200 data acquisition system

The TMR 200 data acquisition system from TML, Japan, is a compact multichannel data acquisition system that enables the use of a combination of various sensor inputs according to measurement purpose.

FiberSensing FS 6500 single-axis fibre Bragg grating accelerometer

The FS 6500 single-axis fibre Bragg grating (FBG) accelerometer from FiberSensing is a fibre-optic version of the conventional accelerometer. Completely passive, with an intrinsically safe design, it offers inherent insensitivity to environmental-induced noise. The device is suitable for applications requiring the measurement of low frequency and small amplitude accelerations.

Lorenz SI 2-channel USB sensor interface

The Lorenz SI 2-channel USB sensor interface enables the output signals from two sensors to be connected directly to a PC. Sensor types compatible with the SI USB sensor interface include unamplified strain gauge bridge transducers, and voltage and current output transducers and transmitters. The SI USB includes software that enables the sensor signals to be logged and displayed graphically at up to 2500 samples/s.

Lorenz GM62 strain gauge amplifier

The Lorenz GM62 strain gauge amplifier is a DIN rail-mountable measuring amplifier that has two parallel sensor connections. These SG signals are amplified to a standard output signal of 0 V to ±10 V.

Keller 23 SY/25 Y temperature-compensated pressure transmitters

The Keller 23 SY/25 Y pressure transmitters feature extremely small temperature error, which is achieved using an additional circuit containing a temperature sensor that subdivides the temperature range into fields that are 1.5 K wide.

Micro-Epsilon thermoIMAGER TIM real-time thermal imager

The thermoIMAGER TIM from Micro-Epsilon is a miniature real-time thermal imager with USB interface. It can measure temperatures from -20 to 900°C with a thermal sensitivity of 0.1 K. The system has exchangeable lenses with 9° FOV (field of view), 31° FOV and 64° FOV - allowing temperature to be measured in a variety of object distances, from close focus to far field focus. Optical resolution is 160x120 pixels.

Keller LEO Record Ei digital manometer

The Keller LEO Record Ei digital manometer measures and logs both pressure and temperature data, and has a non-volatile memory for up to 57,000 readings.

Keller Series 33 X and 35 X pressure transmitters

The Keller Series 33 X and 35 X pressure transmitters are mathematically compensated to achieve up to 0.01% FS precision. The highly precise pressure transmitters are available in pressure ranges from 1 to 1000 bar. Both analog and digital outputs are simultaneously available, and the Series 33 X and 35 X are fully programmable.

Fujifilm Prescale pressure measurement film

Prescale pressure measurement film enables the distribution of pressure applied to web material tensioned over rollers to be examined and analysed. This pressure distribution film uses microscopic ink-filled capsules embedded in the surface of the film. The rupturing of the capsules is dependent on the amount and location of the pressure applied by the roller(s) to the film and, accordingly, to the web material. As the capsules rupture, they deposit a red trace on the film. The intensity of the trace indicates the location and distribution of the pressure applied to the web by the rollers. Therefore, the pressure film indicates if and where the roller(s) need to be corrected to improve the quality of the web material.

Micro-Epsilon optoNCDT 1402SC IP69K laser displacement sensor

The Micro-Epsilon optoNCDT 1402SC IP69K laser displacement sensor is a laser triangulation sensor with stainless steel housing for protection from harsh environments.

FiberSensing BraggMeter fibre Bragg grating interrogator

The FiberSensing extended temperature BraggMeter is a low power measurement unit for operation over an extended temperature range, specifically designed to interrogate fibre Bragg grating (FBG) sensors in severe environmental conditions.

Asahi Keiki A6000 series universal-type digital panel meter

The A6000 series universal-type digital panel meter from Asahi Keiki features a four-digit 20 mm red or green LED main display, and four-digit 6 mm red LED sub displays. It allows for fast and accurate readings of a selection of inputs, displaying them in the form required by the user. AC and DC voltage/current, resistance, thermocouple, frequency, strain gauge and process inputs can all be measured to high accuracy in an assortment of ranges.

Micro-Epsilon non-contact bore measuring system

Micro-Epsilon has developed an easy-to-use measuring system for acquiring the wear in the rear holes of extruder machines. This is done by measuring the internal diameter of drilled holes in the housings of double worm extruders using the idiamCONTROL system. The instrument has been designed for checking bore diameters by using non-contact capacitive displacement sensors.

Bestech thermoMETER CT M3 infrared temperature sensor

The thermoMETER CT M3 is an infrared temperature sensor that provides accurate temperature measurements for metals, secondary metal processing and ceramic materials. It has a temperature range of 50 to 600°C and the unit can be used in ambient temperatures of 85°C without cooling.

Furness Controls FCO332 differential pressure transmitter

The FCO332 differential pressure transmitter from Furness Controls is designed for air-handling applications as well as glove boxes and clean rooms. It allows easy reconfiguration and provides various voltage outputs along with standard 4-20 mA.

AST4500/4510 submersible pressure sensor

The AST4500/4510 submersible pressure sensor from American Sensor Technologies is a high-accuracy, fully stainless steel media isolated pressure transducer intended for use in the measurement of liquids compatible with stainless steel, polyurethane and polyolefin. The pressure sensor is suitable for industrial and water management applications, including liquid tank level, ground water level and depth measurement, petrol fuel tanks, earthen and concrete dams and wastewater canals.

Macrosensors HSD and HSDR 750 series 19 mm diameter LVDTs

The HSD and HSDR 750 series of 19 mm diameter DC-operated LVDTs, from Macrosensors, are constructed entirely of stainless steel and hermetically sealed to make them impervious to dirt, water, steam and other corrosive elements. They are suitable for use in automatic assembly equipment and other industrial applications with hostile conditions and corrosive environments.

Micro-Epsilon confocal bore hole sensor

The miniature confocal bore hole sensor from Micro-Epsilon, with diameter of 3.5 mm, can be used for measuring bore holes with diameters of 4.0 mm or higher. The sensor, which is rotated by an electric servomotor, can measure a number of bore hole internal characteristics, including diameter, roundness, concentricity, tapers and straightness. An integrated precision ball bearing system provides the required rotation stability.

Nohken OL miniature liquid level sensors

The OL liquid level sensors, from Nohken, Japan are miniature sensors designed for the measurement of liquid, oil and chemical levels in small tanks and containers. They can be used either as a complete solution or in OEM applications.

Furness Controls FCO96 series laminar flow elements

The FCO96 series of laminar flow elements from Furness Controls is a range of primary flow devices for the measurement of low volume air and gas flows from 0.1 mL/min to 10,000 L/min.

American Sensor Technologies AST4000 pressure sensors

The AST4000 industrial-grade MEMS pressure sensors from American Sensor Technologies utilise a one-piece stainless steel sensing element, and offer rugged construction, high cycle life and media compatibility. The AST4000 is offered with a variety of threads, pressure ranges, outputs and electrical connections.

Macrosensors GHS series LVDT-based gauging probes

Using electronic gauging probes for dimensional gauging of manufactured parts is a well-established quality assurance technique. Typical gauging probes are cylinders with diameters of about 9 mm and lengths ranging from 65 to 100 mm. They incorporate a non-contact inductive position sensor, either LVDT or half-bridge, which uses a spring-loaded movable armature coupled to a shaft that is supported in a high-precision linear bearing. They generally have a maximum gauging range of 0.25 to 2.5 mm, with resolutions of fractions of a micron.

FGP Sensors XPCM10 miniature pressure transducer

The XPCM10 from FGP Sensors is a miniature pressure transducer designed for use in temperatures of up to 220°C. It incorporates FGP Sensors’ SanShift technology that is designed to virtually eliminate zero shifts caused by installation torque.

Macrosensors RSE 1500 Series rotary position sensors

The RSE 1500 Series rotary position sensors from Macrosensors are contactless, fractional-turn, absolute output rotary position sensors providing an analog output voltage proportional to shaft rotation over a total range of up to 120°.

LEO 3 digital manometer

The LEO 3 digital manometer, from Keller, is a microprocessor-based transmitter with digital double display for pressure (top display) and for the output signal (bottom display). The display is powered from the 4-20 mA current loop.

Profile scanners

The profile scanners of the scanControl 2700 and 2710 series from Micro-Epsilon are now also available with a measuring range of 50 mm, adding to the previous measuring ranges of 25 and 100 mm.

High-temperature miniature pressure transducer

The XPCM10 from FGP Sensors is a miniature pressure transducer designed for use in temperatures of up to 220 °C. It incorporates FGP Sensors’ SanShift technology that is designed to virtually eliminate zero shifts caused by installation torque.

Hydrogen pressure sensor

The generation and storage of hydrogen poses challenges in the types of pressure sensors that can be used safely and accurately in hydrogen applications. The AST2000H2 pressure sensor, from American Sensor Technologies is a digitally compensated pressure sensor that is designed to have the accuracy and construction to meet the demands of the hydrogen pressure measurement market.

Capacitance point level sensor

The Model CG capacitance point level sensor, from Nohken, provides reliable, simple and cost-effective point level detection of liquids, solids and adhesive conductive media.

6918/6998 universal load cells

The 6918/6998 universal load cells, from BCM Sensors, are manufactured based on advanced metal foil strain gauge technology. They are made from either alloy steel (6918), with a nickel-plated treatment or stainless steel (6998).

Differential pressure transmitter

In addition to differential pressure data, the P26 differential pressure transmitter from Halstrup-Walcher also records positive and negative overpressures. Measurement ranges between 100 Pa and 100 kPa are freely scalable from 10 to 100%.

Linear inductive displacement sensors

The VIP series of linear inductive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon uses a measuring ring and integral electronics. There is no mechanical contact between the measuring element (ring) and the sensor rod. The sensor therefore operates without any wear and no maintenance is required.

1312/1392 shear-web tension/compression load cells

The model 1312/1392 shear-web tension/compression load cells from BCM Sensor are alloy steel (1312) and stainless steel (1392) load cells with protection up to an IP66 standard. The 1312 is also nickel plated. They can measure in either tension or compression, and applications for these load cells include hopper scales and vehicles scales.

BCM load cells

The model 3417/3497 single-ended shear beam load cells from BCM Sensors are low-profile, high-precision load cells based on the shear-beam working principle. These load cells can find applications in hopper scales and platform scales, or can be used to measure beam bending loads.

Draw-wire sensor

The MK120 from measurement technology manufacturer Micro-Epsilon, Germany, is an OEM low-cost draw-wire sensor and offers a measuring range of up to 7.5 m.

Double range load cells

The FN7110/FN7236 series double range load cells from FGP Sensors and Instrumentation feature high-accuracy measurement channels in two ranges in the same load cell.

Melt pressure transducers

The MPT160, MPT161 and MPT26X series are a range of melt pressure and temperature transducers that are constructed with a full bridge strain gauge circuit and are made wholly from stainless steel material. Additionally, the pressure diaphragm features a surface treatment with special alloy coating for all models.

Laser infrared thermometer

The optris CT laser infrared thermometer facilitates non-contact temperature measurement with precise aiming from -40 to 975  °C. It can measure low and high temperatures of the smallest spots, from 0.9 mm.

Load pins

The 5719/5799 model double-ended shear-beam load pins from BCM Sensor Technologies are made from either alloy steel (5719) or stainless steel (5799) and sealed to IP66 or IP67 protection grade, depending on application conditions.

Digital signal conditioner

The SA40082 is a 3-channel digital signal conditioner from Spectron Systems Technology. Originally designed as an integral tri-axis electronic inclinometer, this versatile signal conditioning module can be used in various other applications.

Laser-line profile sensor

The scanControl 2700/ 2710 laser line profile sensor from Micro-Epsilon can acquire profiles of the most varied target surfaces. Consisting of a compact sensor with integrated electronics, it is suitable for an industrial environment, especially in automation systems because of its relative small size. Typical tasks include measurement of profiles, angles, gaps and clearance.

Laser distance sensor

The Acuity AR700 laser distance gauge is a triangulation sensor that measures distance using a laser beam, a camera and a microprocessor. A variety of models are available, with measuring ranges varying from 3.175 to 1270 mm.

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