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Automated Control Pty Ltd

ACE specialises in the national supply of process and automation control equipment to a diverse range of industries including water, industrial, food, mining and petrochemical markets. ACE prides itself on supplying clientele with an exclusive range of products from major international suppliers. High level customer support is provided by technically proficient staff members and regional distributors.

Phone: 02 4964 4022
Fax: 02 4028 6770
Unit 3, 4 Birraba Avenue , Beresfield NSW 2322 (Directions)


STS ATM Mini pressure transmitter

The ATM Mini is a precision pressure transmitter in a durable miniature package and is particularly suitable for demanding measurement tasks in test and measurement applications.

OPTIMARE SpillWatch! non-contact oil-on-surface detector

SpillWatch! is a non-contact oil-on-surface detector that provides users with an alert enabling countermeasures to stop or limit spillage.

FEAS Accupack LDR40MH24-RS UPS

The Accupack LDR40MH24-RS uninterruptible power supply (UPS) has an onboard 24 VDC switchmode power supply, integral batteries and serial communications.

ASM POSITAPE linear tape extension sensors

ASM has made significant improvements by utilising a 10 mm wide and 0.08 mm thick, flexible stainless steel tape as the measuring element for this linear sensor.

Hengstler ACURO Xproof AX73 encoder

The ACURO Xproof AX73 encoder is designed to offer users high reliability as an explosion-proof, absolute position encoder with a Profibus interface.

weber inline vent-captor type 3302.1- compact air mass flow monitor

The weber inline vent-captor type 3302.1- is a compact air mass flow monitor for industrial applications and is suitable for installations requiring small diameter pipework.

AMCI ANE2 SSI interface module

Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI) has announced the addition of the ANE2 SSI interface module to its AnyNET I/O range.

Monitouch V9 series of HMI screens

Monitouch has introduced the V9 series of HMI screens and, to cover a broad range of industry applications, has introduced the V9 Lite, V9 Standard and the V9 Advanced models.

STS DL.OCS/N/RS485 data logger for water monitoring

The STS DL.OCS/N/RS485 data logger is designed for use in the water industry and can measure water level, media temperature and conductivity.

Hengstler ACURO AC58 EtherCAT absolute encoder

The AC58 EtherCAT absolute encoder is suitable for position feedback on many applications that include mobile machines, laser cutting and welding equipment along with packaging and printing machinery.

Hengstler ACURO AD58DQ encoder

The Hengstler ACURO AD58DQ encoder incorporates the Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ and an input for motor temperature sensing, as well as temperature sensing for the encoder itself.

Hengstler ACURO Drive AD37S multiturn encoder with Safety4Wire

The Hengstler Safety4Wire interface was especially designed to provide high levels of functional safety in servo motor control systems and meets SIL3 requirements according to IEC 61508, Cat. 3 PLd per EN ISO 13849.

AMCI NR25 DeviceNet encoders

Automated Control and Advanced Micro Controls Inc (AMCI) has announced that DeviceNet communication has been added to its range of NR25 series encoders.

FEAS Softstarter SAK31

The FEAS Softstarter SAK31 is an electronic starter for three-phase AC squirrel cage motors with up to a 3 kW rating.

Rittmeyer RIPRESS premium storage water instrument

The Rittmeyer RIPRESS premium provides accurate calculation of storage water volume and has an integrated data logger with remote access.

Advanced Micro Controls RD750 resolver feedback card

The RD750 is a resolver feedback option module for Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750-Series AC drives.

West Control Solutions Pro-16 compact single loop controller

The Pro-16 is 45 x 45 mm in size and features up to six outputs, two digital inputs, a remote set point input and an optional fully configurable analog output.

STS TS100 temperature transmitter

The STS TS100 is a precision temperature transmitter suitable for the temperature monitoring of pressurised media in cooling or heating systems.

West KS 94 single loop controller

The KS 94 single loop controller has been designed with reliable and robust control algorithms to ensure stable process conditions.

Hengstler ACURO AX70 explosion-proof absolute shaft encoder

Explosion-proof AX70 absolute encoders are constructed with an aluminium housing and are designed for use in potentially explosive Group II atmospheres.

ASM WS100M cable-actuated position sensor

The WS100M is a cable-actuated position sensor that has been designed to handle harsh conditions and offshore applications.

Hiquel TIP Series TCC-H overcurrent/undercurrent control monitor

The TCC-H monitors either single-phase AC or DC currents and has three measurement ranges, from 5 mA to 10 A RMS.

STS PTM/RS485 programmable pressure and temperature transmitter

The PTM/RS485 is available in any range from 1-15000 psi and various output signals.

Rittmeyer clamp-on ultrasonic flow sensor for the Risonic module

The Rittmeyer clamp-on ultrasonic flow sensor has a magnetic mounting frame which allows measurement of flow in partially exposed pipes and can be used in permanent installations or non-magnetic pipes with use of adhesive.

Hengstler AD 36 optical absolute rotary encoder

The Hengstler AD 36 is an optical absolute encoder with a multiturn gear and optical scanning housed within a 36 mm case.

ASM PRAS26 magnetic angle sensor

The ASM PRAS26 angle sensor has a magnetically coupled design with separate permanent magnet, increasing reliability by keeping the two opposed moving parts physically separated.

STS ATM/GR electronic pressure transmitter

The STS ATM/GR robust electronic pressure transmitter features two independent switching contacts that are adjustable across the full range of the sensor.

ASM WS42 cable actuated position sensor

The ASM WS42 cable actuated position sensor features the integration of a precise encoder in an ultra-compact housing that offers multiple mounting configurations.

FEAS SSE2410 buffer module for 24 VDC systems

The FEAS SSE2410 buffer module is designed to help ensure a reliable and uninterrupted power supply, even during heavy network fluctuations, such as power brownouts.

Hengstler RF53 Motor Feedback Encoder

The Hengstler RF53 encoder has been designed to handle high motor speeds, with an output of up to 10,000 ppr and a maximum speed capability of 12,000 rpm.

FEAS SNT15024-K switch mode power supply

The FEAS SNT15024-K switch mode power supply is designed to withstand inadvertent polarity reversal while also providing an output that is protected from short circuit conditions.

STS GSM data logger communication module

The STS GSM communication module for the STS range of data loggers is a reliable and durable communication module that can be used to assist in the continuous monitoring of ground and surface waters.

ASM WB61 tape extension sensor

The ASM WB61 tape extension sensor provides up to 4 m measuring length in a compact, industrial housing with an IP67/69K IP rating.

West 8010+ digital process indicator

The West 8010+ digital process indicator provides a high-contrast, high-visibility display. The indicator is designed for optimal ease of use in a wide variety of temperature and process applications.

FEAS RZM01-30 Redundancy Module

The FEAS RZM01-30 Redundancy Module is designed for critical power-supply applications that cannot tolerate a power failure under any circumstances.

ASM PRDS1 magnetic angle sensor

The ASM PRDS1 is a compact magnetic angle sensor that provides wear-free angle measurement over a range of up to 360° and is suitable for machinery applications where accuracy and trouble-free maintenance are critical.

STS DTM digital pressure transmitter

The DTM digital pressure transmitter is a compact unit with robust stainless steel assembly, incorporating a piezoresistive measuring element.

ASM POSIROT PMIS4/PMIR5 magnetic incremental encoder

The PMIS4/PMIR5 magnetic ring incremental encoder offers high EMC protection, large guiding distance tolerance and a superior signal performance up to 327,680 pulses/360°.

Hengstler AR 62/63 heavy-duty absolute encoder

The Hengstler AR 62/63 heavy-duty absolute encoder offers a rugged enclosure and generously dimensioned, rigid ball-bearings.

AMCI SMD23E 3-in-1 integrated motion control package with ethernet

The SMD23E integrates a stepper motor, drive and controller into one compact package, with an optional encoder available for move verification.

FEAS MSM3 motor motion controller

The MSM3 offers standstill recognition without tacho alternator and is suitable for most AC and DC motors.

Weber flow-captor 4140.13 flow switch

The Weber 4140.13 flow switch is suitable for liquid and pasty media.

AMCI H25 single-turn resolver transducer

The AMCI H25 resolver transducer has a corrosion-resistant construction and high temperature rating.

West 6170+ valve motor drive process controller

The West 6170+ valve motor drive process controller incorporates advanced tuning algorithms, with selectable pre-tune and self-tuning for easy set-up.

STS ATM.1ST/T analog pressure and temperature transmitter

The STS ATM.1ST/T and ATM.1ST/N/T are combined analog pressure and temperature transmitters for highly dynamic measurements.

FEAS LDR2012 uninterruptible power supply

The LDR2012 uninterruptible power supply ensures the power supply in case of a mains power failure and prevents the loss of valuable data or the total breakdown of a production line.

Weber vent-captor 3202.30 airflow meter

The Weber vent-captor 3202.30 airflow meter is small, self-contained and epoxy resin-encapsulated. It is claimed to operate with high accuracy and repeatability even under changing working conditions.

AMCI NR25 series encoders with Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP

The AMCI NR25 series encoders now provide support for Modbus/TCP as well as EtherNet/IP. These heavy duty rotary sensors provide an overall measuring range of 16 b (single-turn resolution) plus 14 b (number of revolutions), or 30 b in total. Both single- and multiturn versions are available.

Hengstler S21 sine wave encoder

The Hengstler S21 sine wave encoder features a wide operating temperature range of -15 to +120°C and a high limiting frequency.

West MLC 9000+ modular, multiloop temperature control system

The West MLC 9000+ is a modular, multiloop temperature control system consisting of a bus control module (BCM) and up to eight loop control modules (LCMs) per BCM.

FEAS SNT8024 switchmode DC power supply

The FEAS SNT8024 switchmode DC power supply has a robust design that makes it suitable for harsh industrial environments.

Hengstler RI64 incremental encoder

The Hengstler RI64 incremental encoder has a robust design, making it high-shock and vibration resistant, and is commonly used for feedback in asynchronous motors and industrial applications.

ASM Positape WB17KT series stainless steel tape sensors

The ASM Positape WB17KT series of stainless steel tape sensors provide measurement ranges of 3500, 6500 and 10000 mm. They are robust sensors featuring a long service life and a compact housing specifically designed for rugged and harsh environments.

ASM PMIR7 series incremental encoder magnetic rings

The Posirot PMIR7 series incremental encoder magnetic rings from ASM are available in three sizes to accommodate different shaft sizes and yield up to 184,320 pulses per revolution in conjunction with the quadrature encoder read head PMIS4. Both units were designed to operate in harsh environments.

West ProVU dual loop temperature and industrial controller

The ProVU temperature and industrial controller from West now comes with two independent control loops in one unit.

AMCI R11 resolvers

AMCI has announced recent mechanical advancements made to the R11 (size 11 resolvers) that increase reliability and maximise equipment uptime.

FEAS SNT230-K series switch-mode power supplies

The switch-mode power supplies of the FEAS SNT230-K series are claimed to be powerful and robust devices for power-sensitive loads in industrial environments.

weber Sensors mini vent-captor type 3505/3022.30 airflow meter

The weber Sensors mini vent-captor type 3505/3022.30 is a remote airflow meter for industrial applications, suitable for small pipe sizes from ID 10 to 15 mm.

West Control Solutions eCAL controller

The West Control Solutions eCAL controller has a 1/8 DIN (98 x 48 mm) format with reduced behind-panel depth of 70 mm, and a universal input for all sensor types, allowing flexible utilisation, two or three outputs (including relay, SSR driver, linear DC and RS485) and full PID control.

West KS98-1 engineering package

The KS98-1 engineering package from West is designed to enhance process control tasks by offering a comprehensive function library - from analog signal conditioning through digital signal processing and cascade control up to complex, intermeshed control loops.

AMCI DuraCoder stainless steel rotary encoders

AMCI DuraCoders with stainless steel housings have an IP69K rating for operation in extreme conditions, and a high shaft load rating, providing a longer life cycle.

Hengstler TICO 772 electronic multifunctional counter

Hengstler has introduced an AC version of the TICO 772 electronic multifunctional counter.

STS ATM.ECO/Ex and ATM.1ST/Ex pressure sensors

With compact housings in stainless steel or titanium, measuring ranges of up to 1000 bar and reverse polarity and short-circuit protection included, the ATM.ECO/Ex and ATM.1ST/Ex pressure sensors from STS are a suitable solution for industries where reliable and accurate pressure sensing is required within hazardous areas.

AMCI NR25 Ethernet/IP networked encoder

The AMCI NR25 is an Ethernet/IP networked encoder and is a heavy-duty solution for single-turn and multi-turn position applications.

FEAS SNT50 series switchmode power supplies

The SNT50 series switchmode power supplies from FEAS are claimed to feature good radio shielding and high reliability integrated into a functional and stable casing.

ASM PRAS5 heavy-duty Hall effect encoders

The ASM PRAS5 range of heavy-duty Hall effect sensors has a measuring range of 0-360° and sealing up to IP69K.

Hengstler Acuro AC58-I combined absolute/incremental encoder

The Acuro family of encoders made by Hengstler now includes the AC58-I, an encoder that can be used both for positioning and feedback applications.

FEAS SSE90 power supply with integrated buffer module

The FEAS SSE90 power supply with integrated buffer module combines a compact switchmode power supply with a maintenance-free buffer module that uses high-capacity double-layer capacitors as storage elements.

ASM PCFP25 magnetostrictive linear position sensor

The ASM PCFP25, which has been specifically designed for harsh applications with limited space, is a slim, non-contact linear position sensor using magnetostrictive sensing technology. With a profile of 8 x 28 mm, it can fit into areas that were previously inaccessible.

AMCI stainless steel resolvers

AMCI’s stainless steel resolver transducer family offers options of 303 or 304 stainless steel housing and shaft, and a variety of mounting styles. The IP67-rated product line comes standard with either a 1/4, 3/8 or 5/8 stainless steel shaft and an oversized double row sealed bearing.

Hengstler ACURO-XR series multi-turn encoders

The Hengstler ACURO-XR series encoders are claimed to be capable of withstanding high acceleration rates, mechanical stresses and extreme climatic fluctuations, and are fully functional in underwater operating conditions. Their operating temperature range is from -40 to +100°C.

FEAS Accupack LDR4012 and LDR4024 buffered power supplies

FEAS Accupack LDR4012 and LDR4024 are made with charging regulators and serve to buffer 12 and 24 V systems. The Accupack LDR is designed to be connected between the line voltage and the installation in order to provide DC to the equipment. In the event of a mains power failure, the onboard sealed batteries supply the system, connected to the outlet. The supply duration depends on the load current of the consumer. The batteries can be easily replaced if necessary.

ASM WS31 linear position sensor

The WS31 linear position sensor series from ASM offers measuring ranges of 250 and 500 mm and includes a mounting bracket that allows for easy and flexible installation of the sensor and thus position measurement in almost every direction.

West Control Solutions eCAL temperature controller

West Control Solutions has announced an enhancement of its CAL Controls brand temperature controller portfolio by introducing eCAL, a compact temperature and process controller with extended capabilities. The 1/16 DIN controller is easy to install and useful to retrofit and is suitable for stand-alone scientific and industrial process equipment.

ASM PTAM20 series inclinometer

The ASM PTAM20 series inclinometer is available in single and dual axis versions. By using MEMS technology, this inclinometer series is packaged into a compact, flat housing making it suitable for OEM applications.

Angular position sensor

ASM has introduced the POSIROT PRAS3, a magnetic angular position sensor in a compact 36 mm diameter housing. The active sensor element uses an internal, contact-free permanent magnet to determine the angular position. The measurement ranges are available in 15° increments: 0-15, 0-30, 0-45 up to 0-360°. The servo flange mounting ensures quick and easy installation for the PRAS3 series.


ASM has introduced the PTAS2 inclinometer series with ranges from ±15 to ±180° in a robust, IP68-rated stainless steel housing. This sensor has been tested to withstand harsh conditions, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications such as factory automation machines and robotics, mobile cranes, draw bridges, adjustable platforms and off-highway construction equipment.

Industrial cooling system

The CoolGuard by Weber Captor is a safe sensing solution for industrial cooling systems. It is an all-in-one device for the monitoring of flow and temperature of coolant. It operates according to a calorimetric principle; its operation safeguards cooling efficiency by monitoring flow rate as well as temperature.

Industrial cooling system

The CoolGuard by Weber Captor is a safe sensing solution for industrial cooling systems. It is an all-in-one device for the monitoring of flow and temperature of coolant.



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