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Advantech Australia Pty Ltd

Advantech has been an innovator in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, high-performance computing platforms since 1983. It offers comprehensive system integration hardware, software, customer-centric design services, global logistics support and an industry-leading front and back office e-business infrastructure.

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Fax: 03 9797 0199
PO Box 328 , Dingley VIC 3173 (Directions)


Advantech EPC-R7200 industrial-grade PC

The EPC-R7200 industrial-grade PC is designed for AI developers that use NVIDIA Jetson family modules.

Advantech AIR-020 series edge AI systems

The AIR-020 series of ultra-compact, edge AI systems are powered by the NVIDIA Jetson family and are designed for high-resolution imaging processes.

Advantech UNO-238 compact computer

Powered by the latest 8th generation Intel Core i processor, the UNO-238 is said to be a high-performance computer in an optimised, compact form factor.

Advantech EI-52 compact edge intelligence system

The EI-52 is a compact edge intelligence system that leverages an 11th Gen Intel Core i5/i3/Celeron processor and plug-and-play system design.

Advantech ARK-1220F edge computer

The ARK-1220F is a DIN-rail capable, fanless edge computer featuring isolated I/O for diverse industrial automation applications.

Advantech IDP-3100 series touch monitors

The IDP-3100 series touch monitors are suitable for many automation and industrial applications and offer a compact, contemporary design without a bezel.

Advantech ARK-3531 embedded computer

The ARK-3531 provides a rugged, compact design suitable for limited-space environments.

Advantech UNO-137 edge IoT computer

The UNO-137 is an industrial-grade edge computer that can be easily integrated to support various industrial applications.

Advantech SOM-6883 COMe compact module

The SOM-6883 is a COMe Compact Type 6 Module with 11th Gen. Intel Core processors and supporting up to 96 GPUs.

Advantech EPC-C301 fanless box PC

The EPC-C301 is a compact, fanless box PC that provides Ubuntu OS and is aimed at accelerating the advancement of AIoT.

Advantech FPM-200 series touchscreen monitors

Built for IIoT applications, the FPM-200 series are true-flat LCD monitors that feature an IP66-rated front panel for protection from water and dust ingress.

Advantech SPC-800 HMI

The SPC-800 HMI features an integrated support arm system mount adapter and a customisable extension unit.

Advantech MIO-5393 SBC

The MIO-5393 single-board computer (SBC) is powered by a 9th generation Intel Xeon/Core processor.

Advantech ADAM-6700 series I/O-integrated gateway devices

The ADAM-6700 series are intelligent, I/O-integrated gateway devices with an all-in-one design.

Advantech AMAX-5000 EtherCAT slice I/O and controller

The AMAX-5000 series EtherCAT Slice I/O and Controller is designed with the smallest PAC in the Core i class, modular I/O and a PCIe communication interface.

Advantech UNO-420 data sensing gateway

The UNO-420 provides a solution for connecting legacy equipment to mesh networks.

Advantech WISE-710 Data Gateway

The WISE-710 Data Gateway is a solution for connecting legacy equipment to mesh networks.

Advantech WISE-4610 LoRa sensor node

The WISE-4610 sensor node provides convenient functions such as customised private/public networks and GPS positioning.

Advantech TPC-1551T thin client terminal

The TPC-1551T thin client terminal is equipped with a 15″ XGA TFT LCD, low-power Intel Atom E3827 1.75 GHz dual-core processor and 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM.

Advantech WISE-4471 NB-IoT wireless sensor node

The WISE-4471 wireless sensor node utilises Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), an international standard defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

Advantech ARK-1220L fanless embedded box PC

The ARK-1220L features an Intel Atom E3940 Quad Core SoC with turbo burst up to 1.8 GHz.

Advantech UNO-3285C fanless control cabinet PC

The UNO-3285C is a fanless control cabinet PC with a 6th generation Intel Core i7-6822EQ quad-core processor and an Intel QM170 PCH chipset.

Advantech AIM-38 modular tablet

The AIM-38 is a 10.1″ industrial-grade modular tablet that supports both Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Android OS.

Advantech WISE-4210 series IoT wireless sensor devices

Advantech's WISE-4210 series of IoT wireless sensor devices includes a wireless LPWAN-to-Ethernet AP and three wireless sensor nodes.

Advantech EKI-2525LI Ethernet Switch

The EKI-2525LI is an unmanaged, 5-port Ethernet switch that comes in an ultrasmall palm size. This makes it a suitable solution for environments with limited space, such as electronic boxes, cabinets and high-density plants.

Advantech AIIS machine vision systems

Advantech's AIIS product series aimed at vision inspection applications is suitable for food and beverage industry needs.

Advantech FPM-7002 series monitors

The modular design of the FPM-7002 monitor allows the video I/O, which includes HDMI, DVI, VGA and DP, to be flexibly configured for enhanced functionality.

Advantech PWS-872 rugged tablet

Designed for operation in harsh industrial environments, the tablet's lightweight yet rugged design features a wide operating temperature range, IP65 rating and a 1.3 m drop tolerance.

Advantech Wzzard LRPv LoRa node and SmartSwarm 243 gateway

Advantech in partnership with Semtech has expanded its line of wireless products with the launch of the Wzzard LRPv Node and SmartSwarm 243 LoRa Gateway.

Advantech SRP-FPV240 series thin client HMIs

SRP-FPV240 series solutions paired with ThinManager software allows secure and centralised management of all thin client devices, server processes and data visualisation sources in an automation network.

Advantech TPC Series modular panel PC solutions

Advantech's TPC series of modular panel PC solutions are based on three performance-segmented models: a control panel, an industrial thin-client and an industrial monitor.

Advantech EIS-D150 Edge Intelligence Server

The EIS-D150 Edge Intelligence Server is pre-integrated with the WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense IoT edge intelligence and sensing integration software solution for IoT and Factory 4.0 applications.

Advantech PPC-3150S panel PC

The PPC-3150S is a 15″ industrial-grade panel PC for compact applications for machine builders in a fanless design with a low-power Intel Celeron N2930 1.83 GHz processor.

Advantech UNO-2271G compact modular edge gateway

The UNO-2271G smart factory edge gateway is the same width and length as a 2.5″ SSD but still includes the ability to expand its performance to meet application needs through six mounting solutions and over 30 iDoor modules.

Advantech PPC-6151C configurable panel PC

The PPC-6151C is said to be the first commercially available configurable panel PC compatible with any mini-ITX motherboard, and can be configured to specific application requirements.

Advantech compact IPCs for machine builders

Advantech is launching a series of rackmount IPCs featuring a small footprint, simple manageability and easy maintenance. These machine builder IPCs feature short depth, self-diagnosis, remote manageability and modularised design.

Advantech MQTT-enabled I/O devices

Advantech is now offering a complete range of MQTT-capable products, such as its WebAccess software platform, WISE-4000 wireless sensor nodes and ADAM-3600 RTU and ADAM-6000 Ethernet I/O modules, ECU-1152 protocol gateways and SmartSwarm 300 cellular IIoT gateway.

Advantech NVMe servers and storage solutions

Advantech has launched a series of NVMe servers and storage solutions in 1U to 4U form-factors that fulfil today's industrial server requirements for high-performance storage applications in Industry 4.0.

Advantech IDS31 industrial touch monitors

The IDS31 industrial touch monitor series offers a flexible mechanical design and is available in eight screen options ranging from 7″ to 32″ in both 4:3 and 16:9 sizes.

Advantech range of intelligent systems

Advantech has designed its latest range of computing platforms around Intel Core 7th generation processors and the Intel Intelligent Systems Framework.

Advantech Edge Intelligence Server

The Edge Intelligence Server is designed to accelerate IoT implementation by providing integrated solutions that include an edge computer, WISE-PaaS software packages, IoT development tools, preconfigured cloud services and the flexibility to add more software modules from the WISE-PaaS marketplace.

Advantech IPPC-5211WS IP69K touch panel computer

To satisfy the stringent cleanliness requirements of industries such as food and beverage manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, Advantech has announced the release of a fully sealed IP69K rated stainless steel multi-touch panel PC.

Advantech UNO-2271G Pocket-Size Smart Factory Edge Gateway

Advantech's latest UNO embedded automation computer, UNO-2271G, is the same width and length as a 2.5″ SSD but still includes the ability to expand its performance to meet application needs through six mounting solutions and over 30 iDoor modules.

Advantech MIC-7500 modular IPC platform

The MIC-7500 is a compact modular inter-process communication (IPC) platform with a fanless, ruggedised design supporting a wide input power range, ensuring the durability to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Advantech UNO-1251G IoT gateway

The UNO-1251G IOT gateway is Advantech's smallest to date, being the size of a micro PLC, and is DIN-rail mountable.

Advantech SPC-1881WP widescreen panel PC

The SPC-1881WP is an 18.5″, widescreen, multitouch stationary panel PC with IP65 protection.

Advantech PPC-3100S and PPC-3120S panel PCs

The 10.4″ PPC-3100S and the 12.1″ PPC-3120S use the latest Intel Atom processor and have an easy-to-read diagnostics display.

Advantech IoT Gateway Starter Kit

The Advantech IoT Gateway Starter Kit includes a ready-to-run system, an IoT software platform service, a software development kit and technical support services.

Advantech TPC-1881WP touch panel PC

The TPC-1881WP is the latest 18.5″ touch panel PC from Advantech and features the ability to use all 10 fingers simultaneously to control all aspects of an application.

Advantech UNO-1252G micro-PLC

The UNO-1252G comes with the energy-efficient Intel Quark processor, using only 10 W while being powerful enough to perform data transmission and sensing functions within IoT gateway applications.

Advantech APAX-5580 IPC

The Advantech APAX-5580 is a PC-based control platform with a comprehensive range of I/O modules, communication ports and control software.

Advantech APAX-5580 modular DIN rail industrial PC

The APAX-5580 is a modular DIN rail IPC with comprehensive I/O modules, communication ports and control software for choice, and is particularly designed for integrating operational and information technology to take advantage of the trend to Industry 4.0.

Advantech UNO-1372G DIN rail PC

The UNO-1372G has an upgraded CPU to increase performance and is now able to work over an operating temperature range as low as -20°C and as high as 60°C.

Advantech TPC-1251T/1551T touch panel computers

Advantech's 12.1″ and 15″ TPC-1251T/1551T touch panel computers use the Intel Atom E3827 1.75 GHz processor and feature Advantech's iDoor technology and a truly flat screen while being able to operate in a wide range of temperatures.

Advantech UNO-1483G-434AE embedded automation computer

The Advantech UNO-1483G-434AE is specifically designed for the motion and vision control industries.

Advantech PWS-870 rugged tablet PC

The PWS-870 rugged tablet PC is designed specifically for field services such as public safety, utility, inspection and construction.

Advantech UNO-1483G-434AE embedded system

The UNO-1483G-434AE is specifically designed for motion and vision control and has a PCIe expansion slot to insert a motion controller card as well as an iDoor technology slot.

Advantech PPC-3150 and PPC-3170 panel PCs

The PPC-3150 and PPC-3170 are slim-form-factor 15″ and 17″ panel PCs designed to operate in harsh environments whilst also providing the ability to expand their functionality to meet the user's requirements.

Advantech PWS-770 semi-rugged tablet PC

The PWS-770 mobile system has a full complement of integrated I/O and modules to extend functionality, and it has a complete range of wireless connectivity options.

Advantech UNO-2362G embedded automation computer

The UNO-2362G embedded automation computer offers an AMD G-series dual core processor, daisy chain network capabilities as well as Advantech's iDoor technology.

Advantech EKI-1361 and EKI-1362 wireless device servers

The EKI-1361 and EKI-1362 1- and 2-port RS232/422/485 to 802.11 b/g/n WLAN serial device servers have been designed for use in areas where signal strength and reliability may be affected.

Advantech PPC-6150 and PPC-6170 Panel PCs

The 15″ PPC-6150 and the 17″ PPC-6170 Panel PC models have been upgraded with faster processors, RAID control and multiple expansion slots for increased functionality.

Advantech TPC-1840WP and 2140WP widescreen multitouch panel PCs

The TPC-1840WP and 2140WP are 18″ and 21″ widescreen multitouch panel PCs specifically designed to provide easier operation and boost productivity in manufacturing control environments, building automation and other HMI applications.

Advantech TPC-1771H 17″ control panel PC

The TPC-1771H is a 17″ control panel PC that features a choice between a PCI-e or a mini-PCIe expansion slot which can be used to expand the functionality through third-party or Advantech add-on cards.

Advantech FPM-7211W 21″ widescreen multitouch flat panel monitor

The FPM-7211W is a 21″ widescreen multitouch flat panel monitor specifically designed to provide easier operation and boost productivity in manufacturing control environments, building automation and other HMI applications.

Advantech HMI panel PCs

Advantech's updated range of star products includes several new models in the TPC, SPC, FPM and WebOP ranges, all of which come with 16:9 wide screen.

Advantech EKI-3541M and EKI-3541S fibre-optic media converters

The EKI-3000 range SC Type fibre-optic media converters include the EKI-3541M, which is a multimode version to send data up to a distance of 2 km, and the EKI-3541S, which is a singlemode version to send data up to 30 km.

Advantech HPC-7442 and HPC-7242 server chassis

The HPC-7442 and HPC-7242 server chassis provide users with high-performance operating platforms that can serve as NVR and DVR servers for video surveillance applications, as SCADA servers, and for applications in factory automation.

Advantech widescreen HMIs

Advantech has introduced several new models in the TPC, SPC, FPM and WebOP ranges.

Advantech EKI-3000 series unmanaged ethernet switches

The EKI-3000 series unmanaged ‘light industrial’ ethernet switches are 5- and 8-port ethernet switches that offer dedicated priority ports and up to 60% reduction in power consumption.

Advantech Panel PCs

Advantech Panel PCs are built to survive unforgiving environments, such as factory automation facilities, production control points, warehouses and distribution centres, transportation control centres, stations, airports and even refrigerated environments.

Advantech UNO-2184G and UNOO-2174G open architecture automation controllers

The UNO-2184G is designed for applications that require a large amount of graphical processing power while the UNO-2174G is a mid-end controller for industries that require faster performance, but not 3D capabilities.

Advantech IPPC-9151G and IPPC-9171G industrial panel PCs

The processing power of the IPPC-9151G and IPPC-9171G has been upgraded by changing to Intel Core i7 processors from Intel P4 processors, making them faster and also more cost efficient.

Advantech ADAM-2000Z series wireless I/O modules

The Advantech ADAM-2000Z series I/O modules use the IEEE 802.15.4 standard I/O and latest sensor technology while supporting 2.4 GHz mesh networking.

Advantech PPC-3100 panel PC

The PPC-3100 panel PC meets EU environmental standards, which dictate that power consumption must be less than 1 W during system standby.

Advantech SQFlash industrial-grade SATAIII solid state storage

Advantech has partnered with Phison and a first-tier flash IC designer to deliver industrial-grade flash modules with advanced security features.

Advantech EKI-6340 series outdoor mesh AP and EKI-6351 series indoor mesh AP/station

The EKI-6340 series (outdoor) and EKI-6351 series (indoor) mesh AP/stations feature Intelligent Mesh (iMesh) technology with self-forming and self-healing scalable flexible wireless network deployment.

Advantech IDS-3110 10.4″ SVGA industrial LED open frame monitor

The open front bezel design enables flexible and customised face plates for easy re-engineering and is suitable for any embedded application.

Advantech IPC-7132 computer chassis for wall mounting or desktop

Advantech has released its IPC-7132 chassis, which supports both ATX/MicroATX motherboards and 10-slot PICMG 1.3 backplanes.

Advantech ADAM-3112 and ADAM-3114 signal conditioning modules

Advantech has released two signal conditioning modules, the ADAM-3112 and ADAM-3114. The ADAM-3112 is an isolated AC voltage to DC voltage module while ADAM-3114 is an isolated AC current to DC voltage module.

Advantech AIMB-214 ultralow-power industrial mini-ITX motherboard

Advantech’s ultralow-power industrial mini-ITX motherboard, the AIMB-214, supports Intel Atom N2600, N2800 and D2700 dual-core processors with integrated graphics.

Advantech ARK-1120 embedded box computer

A palm-size fanless embedded box computer featuring a compact, low-power design, the ARK-1120 is claimed to provide power-efficient performance.

Advantech FPM-8151H rugged monitor range

The 15″ FPM industrial monitors are designed for harsh environments and are certified for use in the oil and gas industries.

Advantech IPPC-8151S fanless industrial panel PC with optional stainless steel housing

The IPPC-8151S is a fanless industrial panel PC with a 15″ XGA TFT LCD, an Intel Celeron-M 1 GHz CPU and a chemical-resistant touch screen using a special tapered and food-safe rubber seal between the bezel and the touch screen, and can come with an optional fully sealed 316L stainless steel enclosure.

Advantech WebOP-2000 widescreen HMI panels

Advantech has launched a range of widescreen 4.3 to 10.1 HMI industrial panels for controlling a wide range of programmable logic controllers.

Advantech DAQ Navi application software development tool

The DAQ Navi application for configuring PCI, USB and PCI-104 data acquisition devices has been released. The DAQ Navi application includes the Software Development Kit, Device Driver and Device Test Utility with User Guide to replace the previous multiple drivers, device manager and SDK.

Advantech APAX-5090P 4-port communication module

Advantech has launched the APAX-5090P, a 4-port (RS232/422/485) communication module for its APAX-5570 programmable automation controller (PAC) series. Two APAX-5090P modules can be attached to a single APAX-5570 unit expanding the number of communication ports to eight.

Advantech BEMG-4110/4220/4221/4222 energy data concentrators

Advantech has launched the BEMG-4110/4220/4221/4222 energy data concentrators to manage the energy consumption from a large number of energy meters on sites.

Advantech APAX-5343 and -5343E PAC power supply modules

Advantech has released two PAC power supply modules with 72 W output power for their APAX series. The APAX-5343 and -5343E have passed Energy Star compliance and provide a power transmission efficiency of over 88% from AC input to DC output, providing power for more APAX modules.

Advantech EtherNet/IP remote I/O, ADAM-6150EI, -6151EI, -6156EI, -6160EI

Advantech has released four EtherNet/IP-based modules. These modules include the ADAM-6150EI, a 15-channel isolated digital I/O EtherNet/IP module; the ADAM-6151EI, a 16-channel isolated digital input EtherNet/IP module; the ADAM-6156EI, a 16-channel isolated digital output EtherNet/IP module; and the ADAM-6160EI, a 6-channel relay output EtherNet/IP module.

Advantech APAX-5202P motion master module

Advantech has launched its APAX-5202P motion master module to leverage the benefits of the new APAX PAC series, as well as expanding its line to motion control applications.

Advantech APAX-5080 counter module

The Advantech APAX-5080 counter module is the latest module to join the APAX series of products and features up to eight channels and hot-swappable functionality. With its 4/8 counter channels, the APAX-5080 is capable of simultaneously taking counts from multiple sources using any of its five operating modes (up, up/down, frequency, pulse/direction, and A/B phase modes), therefore saving hardware installation costs and providing greater scalability.

Advantech UNO-2174A and UNO-2178A embedded automation computers

Advantech has launched two Intel Atom-based embedded automation computers: the UNO-2174A and the UNO-2178A. Both models feature low power consumption, dual core, 1.67 GHz, Atom CPUs and 2 GB DDR2 RAM. They are also Energy Star certified, IP40 anti-dust ingress rated and assessed to work in temperatures ranging from -10 to 70°C.

Advantech PPC-L128T and PPC-L61T panel PC upgrades

Advantech has announced upgrades to its PPC-L128T and PPC-L61T panel PCs. Both models are fanless and suitable for use in HMI applications in factory automation, machine automation, equipment and intelligent services. The new models have been enhanced to provide better performance as rugged and compact HMI solutions.

Advantech USB-4704 USB data acquisition module

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech has launched a multifunction USB data acquisition module, USB-4704, designed to provide a low-cost personal measurement tool. This model is bus-powered with many portable capabilities, and is equipped with analog I/O, digital I/O and counter functions in a single unit, making it suitable for lab experiments, testing, data logging, and training.

Advantech IPPC-6192A industrial panel PC

The IPPC-6192A industrial panel PC features a 19 SXGA TFT LCD and Intel Core 2 Quad/Core 2 Duo for high computing performance. With a front-accessible USB design, DDR3 memory bus (twice the data rate of DDR2), slim CD-ROM drive, two PCI expansion slots, and two SATA hard drive interfaces with RAID 0/1 support, this IPPC is designed to provide an HMI platform for any industrial application.

Advantech EKI-2525SPI singlemode fibre-optic PoE switch

The EKI-2525SPI is a singlemode fibre-optic industrial PoE switch that features four PoE ports, a fast fibre-optic connection and redundant power inputs.

Advantech UNO-3084/-3082 fanless embedded automation computers

The UNO-3084 is a fanless embedded automation computer with front accessible I/O design. It features an Intel Core2 Duo L7500 1.6 GHz processor, 2 GB DDRII RAM (expandable up to 4 GB), an Intel GMA X3100 graphics engine, dual DVI-I ports with support for up to three displays, dual IEEE-1394b interfaces for vision inspection devices, two RS-232/422/485 ports with automatic flow control, two 10/100/1000 Base-T RJ-45 ports with teaming function support and five USB 2.0 (one internal) ports.

Advantech AIMB-212 Mini-ITX motherboard

Advantech has introduced an industrial-grade, Mini-ITX motherboard featuring the latest Intel Atom processors. The single-core N450 and the dual-core D510 integrate the graphics and memory controller hub onto a single chip.

Advantech PCM-9562 industrial-grade EBX CPU board

The PCM-9562 is an industrial-grade EBX CPU board with an Intel Atom N450/D510 processor. The D510 processor is the latest Intel Atom dual core CPU with a thermal design power rating of 15 W.

Advantech PCM-9362 3.5" SBC

The PCM-9362 is an industrial-grade 3.5 SBC with an Intel Atom N450 1.66 GHz processor and the dual core D510 1.66 GHz processors with ICH8M chipset.

Advantech PCM-3362 industrial-grade PC/104-plus CPU board

The PCM-3362 is an industrial-grade PC/104-plus CPU board with an Intel Atom N450 processor, featuring a super low-power design. It is suitable for outdoor integration in military, transportation and diverse space-saving embedded applications.

Advantech UNO-2173A and UNO-2173AF Atom-based fanless box PCs

The UNO-2173A and UNO-2173AF Atom-based fanless box PCs are equipped with Atom 1.6 GHz CPUs, gigabit ethernet ports, a Mini-PCIe socket for WLAN and 3G solutions and Moblin (Mobile Linux) support. These models are also compatible with Windows 7, have passed Energy Star certification, include IP40 anti-dust protection and feature a wide operating temperature range of -20 to 70°C.

Advantech EKI-7659CPI industrial managed PoE ethernet switch

The EKI-7659CPI is an industrial managed PoE ethernet switch featuring eight PoE ports and two gigabit ethernet ports. The EKI-7659CPI supports IP-based monitoring and control, allowing users to access up to eight devices connecting through a standard web browser to manage features such as power status, shutdown and restart.

Advantech UNO-3272 fanless box PC

The UNO-3272 is a fanless box PC equipped with a Celeron M 440 1.86 GHz CPU, 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM, two gigabit ethernet ports, four serial communication ports (two RS232 and two RS232/422/485 with auto-flow control), two PCI expansion slots, audio, DVI-D, VGA dual video output and an external CompactFlash slot.

Advantech PPC-L128T and PPC-L157T Panel PCs

The PPC-L128T and PPC-L157T are 12.1 and 15 fanless panel PCs that are designed to deliver high performance while consuming low power. They operate with low noise and provide display resolutions up to 1024 x 768 (XGA) pixels. Both panel PCs are equipped with dual gigabit ethernet connectors supporting either failover or LAN teaming. The PPC-L128T optionally supports a sunlight-readable display, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Avantech Windows 7 support

Advantech has announced support for the release of Windows 7 for Embedded Systems. Windows 7 adds several new functions into this release, including Windows Touch and Windows XP Mode. Windows 7 is claimed to give more muscle to embedded devices with advanced technologies that deliver better user experiences.

Relay and digital input card

Advantech has introduced the PCM-3761I, a form C-type, 8-channel relay and 8-channel, isolated digital input PCI-104 card for machine and production automation.

Advantech PPC-L61T panel PC

The PPC-L61T panel PC is powered by an AMD LX800 processor, has a bright 6.5″ LCD and features a fanless and compact design. The PPC-L61T is designed for industrial computing applications such as factory and machine automation.

Advantech PWS-8101M rugged mobile computer

The PWS-8101M is a 10.4″ XGA TFT LCD rugged mobile computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo U7500 processor, 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi, built-in Class2 V2.0+EDR Bluetooth, Windows XP Pro and an optional 3.5 G/HSDPA GPRS and SiRF III GPS interface.

1U serial device servers

The EKI-1528 and EKI-1526 serial device servers feature 8 and 16 RS232/422/485 serial ports in a 1U rackmount chassis.

Advantech UNO-3282 fanless embedded computer

The UNO-3282 is a high-performance embedded automation computer with a fanless, diskless and cable-less design. The UNO-3282 comes with a Core 2 Duo CPU, a PCI slot and one PCI Express slot. A user-replaceable kit is included which can replace the PCI Express/PCI slot combination with two standard PCI slots.

Advantech UNO-1170 embedded computer

The UNO-1170 is an embedded automation computer which features an Intel Celeron M or Pentium M CPU and 512 MB/1 GB DDR SDRAM. The UNO-1170 provides higher computing power than other device-level controllers and comes in a compact aluminium chassis with fanless and diskless design. The UNO-1170 can operate in temperatures up to 60 °C and has a 512 KB SRAM battery back-up system in the event of sudden shutdown.

Modbus gateways

The EKI-1220 series Modbus Gateways are designed for quick and easy integration of Modbus serial devices with industrial ethernet networks. Available in two configurations, the EKI-1221 and EKI-1222 feature one or two RS232/422/485 serial ports, with redundant 10/100 Mbps ethernet connections, for transparently connecting Modbus ASCII/RTU and Modbus/TCP devices and equipment.

1U serial device servers

The EKI-1528 and EKI-1526 serial device servers feature 8 and 16 RS232/422/485 serial ports in a 1U rackmount chassis.

Advantech IPPC-7158B Panel PC

The IPPC-7158B is a 15” industrial panel PC with a 15” XGA TFT LCD. It features a passive backplane with up to 12 ISA/PCI expansion slots, a front-accessible design with water-resistant cover, a flat-sealed front panel, and can be bundled with high-performance PICMG 1.0 Core2 Quad/Dual or Pentium 4 single board computer (SBC). An aluminium detachable side-open front panel (NEMA4/IP65 compliant) allows for easy installation and maintenance.

4-port RS232 module

Advantech has launched the ADAM-5091 module equipped with four RS232 ports, making it especially suitable for bi-directional communication. The ADAM-5091 can simultaneously read data from other third-party devices such as a modem, bar code reader or PLC, as long as these devices are equipped with an RS232 interface.

RS485 master control card

The PCM-3202I PCI-104 interface card supports two independent AMONet (Advantech Motion Network) RS485 master rings with each ring controlling up to 2048 I/O points, 256 axes, or a combination of I/O points and axes for motion control. The PCM-3202I allows direct data transfer between master and slaves without any operations in between. This customised solution saves wires, covers long distances and supports high-speed real-time communications.

Advantech TPC-1770H touch panel computer

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech has introduced the TPC-1770H, a high-resolution 17" SXGA TFT LCD low-power CeleronM 1 GHz touch-panel computer with 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM. The system is fanless with spindle-free storage, which makes the TPC-1770H a durable and reliable platform. For applications where spindle-free storage is not critical, a fast-access HDD module can be used.

Wireless device servers

The EKI-1351 (1-port) and EKI-1352 (2-port) 802.11b/g wireless device servers allow RS232/422/485 serial devices to be remotely monitored, managed and controlled wirelessly, eliminating the need for hardwired cable connections.

Advantech ARK-3399 embedded computer

The ARK-3399 offers flexibility to embedded application developers because of its improved storage speed and reliability.

CPU module

The SOM-4430 module, a super low-power SoC (system on chip) ETX CPU solution, uses Advantech’s super low-power EVA-X4300 SoC to provide a balance between computing performance and power saving with a minimum power consumption of less than 5 W.

Advantech IPPC-6172A Panel PC

Advantech Australia has introduced the IPPC-6172A industrial panel PC. It features a 17" SXGA TFT LCD with an Intel Pentium M/Celeron M processor (up to 2 GHz), five USB 2.0 ports, up to 2 GB DDR2 memory, CD-ROM, two PCI expansion slots, gigabit LAN support, and supports Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/NT.

Flat panel monitor

The FPM-5151G 15" (1024 x 768 resolution) LCD flat panel monitor is specifically designed for industrial applications. It features direct-VGA and DVI-D signal transmission, which allows any VGA control card to be used in a system.

Advantech IPPC-6152A Panel PC

The IPPC-6152A 15" XGA TFT LCD industrial panel PC has a 2 GHz Intel Pentium M processor, a front-accessible USB design, a DDR2 memory bus that supports up to 2 GB, a slim CD-ROM drive and two PCI expansion slots.

GUI development software

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech has released LogixView, a software package for developing graphical user interfaces for monitoring and controlling Advantech eAutomation products on WindowsCE-based devices.

Quadrature encoder and counter module

The ADAM-5081 is a high-speed quadrature encoder and counter module for use with the ADAM-5550 series programmable automation controllers (PACs) form Advantech. The ADAM-5081 has a high isolation of 2500 VDC, a high-speed frequency mode (5 Hz–1 MHz), and a counter code at 1 MHz.

Serial device servers

The EKI-1521 and EKI-1522 serial device servers allow RS232/422/485 serial devices to be remotely monitored, managed and controlled over ethernet and internet protocol (IP) networks. Equipped with dual 10/100Base-Tx ethernet ports, these devices ensure data transmission even in the event of a network link failure.

Advantech TPC-870H touch panel computer

The TPC-870H 8" VGA TFT LCD touch panel computer is designed with an Intel Celeron M 1 GHz fanless processor with low power consumption. Its spindle-free storage makes the TPC-870H a durable and reliable platform. For applications where spindle-free storage is not critical, a fast-access HDD module can be used.

Peer-to-peer ethernet I/O modules

A firmware enhancement for the ADAM-6000 ethernet I/O modules adds advanced peer-to-peer (P2P) and graphic condition logic (GCL) functionality.

Advantech TPC-1260H touch-panel computer

Advantech Australia's industrial automation product division has released the TPC-1260H fanless touch-panel computer. Combining a rugged 12.1" SVGA TFT LCD touch screen display with a powerful, passively-cooled 1 GHz CPU, it provides a high-performance HMI workstation for mission-critical automation applications.

Advantech FPM-3191G washdown front panel display

Advantech has introduced the industrial-grade 19" FPM-3191G, which is designed with a stainless steel chassis and NEMA4/IP65 compliant aluminum front bezel. The FPM-3191G is designed to withstand caustic wash downs, it has a front bezel with a hard anodic coating to prevent panel abrasion and acid corrosion.

Temperature controller

The Adam-4022T temperature PID controller supports both BACnet and Modbus protocols. This protocol flexibility combined with the built-in thermistor input, makes the Adam-4022T suitable for advanced building automation solutions.

HMI solution

Advantech Australia and Citect have teamed together to deliver an HMI solution.

Universal serial device gateway

Advantech has announced the release of the ADAM-4579, the fast ethernet-enabled data gateway between RS232/422/485 and ethernet interfaces.

Ethernet-based module camera

Advantech has announced the release of its first wireless Internet camera, the ADAM-6090. Designed to provide a simple and low-cost solution for remote monitoring applications, the ADAM-6090 transmits high quality video images via a wired or wireless network.

Industrial PC chassis

Advantech has introduced another member to its industrial chassis family, the IPC-611, which is designed with an all-steel chassis, available in 14 slot passive-backplane or ATX motherboard factor.


Advantech partners with ANSCENTER on AI visual inspection solutions

Advantech and Australian software company ANS Direct Pty Ltd (ANSCENTER) have announced a partnership in AI video intelligence solutions.

Co-creation conference explores the IoT

Advantech Australia hosted its first Co-Creation Partner Conference, part of the global Advantech co-creation event series, in Melbourne on 15 August.

Advantech partners with Pacific Automation in Australian IIoT market

Advantech has announced a new partnership with industrial electrical and electronic solutions provider Pacific Automation.

Advantech launches 30 IIoT solutions through a "co-creation model"

Thirty sets of IoT Solution Ready Packages will be officially released this year, along with a 6000-participant IoT Co-Creation Summit in November.

Advantech partners with five leading companies in creating the Edgecross Consortium for Industry 4.0

Advantech has partnered with Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, NEC, IBM Japan and Oracle Japan to establish the 'Edgecross Consortium' to overcome boundaries between companies and industries in order to realise collaboration between factory automation and IT.

Advantech wins Industry 4.0 award for its digital factory

Advantech has received an award from ROI Management Consulting for its Industry 4.0-compliant digital factory. The award was given to honour its achievements as a pioneer in the practical implementation of "real-time equipment and resource monitoring".

Advantech B+B SmartWorx partners with Reekoh on IIoT edge solutions

Advantech B+B SmartWorx has announced a partnership and signed an MoU with Reekoh to provide complementary market-leading capabilities focused on integration and interoperability for the Internet of Things.

Advantech joins the LoRa Alliance

Advantech has announced that it has joined the LoRa Alliance, which is committed to developing a new industrial standard to empower the Internet of Things.

Advantech announces full support for Microsoft Windows 8

Advantech has announced its full support for Microsoft Windows 8. The company has added several powerful functions into this release, including Natural User Interface, cloud connectivity, Windows-to-Go and Secure Boot.

Advantech to host free Windows Embedded Standard 7 workshop

Advantech is holding a free Windows Embedded Standard 7 hands-on, two-day workshop in Perth.

Advantech uses embedded McAfee security solution

Advantech has announced a McAfee software security solution for its embedded platforms.

Advantech and McAfee announce partnership

Advantech has announced a partnership with McAfee to distribute their OEM Embedded McAfee security solutions for solution partners that embed security into their final product.

Advantech forms partnership with Industrial Video and Control

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech and Industrial Video and Control (IVC), supplier of industrial video solutions, have announced their partnership to provide video surveillance solutions.

Second Taiwan HQ for Advantech

Advantech has acquired an area in an industrial park in Taiwan to establish its second R&D and manufacturing headquarters.

Wonderware to be bundled with Advantech HMIs

Advantech and Wonderware have announced they are collaborating to provide what they call ‘one-click’ factory automation computing.

Advantech wins innovative corporation award

Advantech has been named the winner of The Most Innovative Corporation Award for 2009 in China.

More venues for successful embedded system training

‘Faster to Market’ Training Seminars have been expanded to more major cities in 2010.

Web-enabling your PLC

Enough has been written during the past couple years to convince most plant managers of the benefits of connecting plant floor equipment and processes to the internet or intranet.

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