Exploring cloud-based IoT monitoring solutions

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Friday, 10 November, 2023

Exploring cloud-based IoT monitoring solutions

In the realm of IoT monitoring solutions, HYDAC has consistently stood as a pioneer, offering cutting-edge products designed to enhance efficiency and comprehensive system monitoring. Among the impressive array of HYDAC's offerings is the HYDAC CMExpert Hydraulic fluid condition monitoring unit, a solution tailored for hydraulic and lubrication system monitoring.

The CMExpert Hydraulic combines air bubble suppression with oil condition sensors and multiple communication options, in a unit that can be installed with minimal impact on an existing system. The package can be installed in both low-pressure and high-pressure systems as the sensors are protected from pressure and flow fluctuations.

The CMExpert is integrated with HYDAC's HyComm IoT Monitoring Solution. This integration offers a cohesive monitoring solution that combines the capabilities of the CMExpert Hydraulic with the cloud-based monitoring capabilities of the HyComm.

HyComm, developed by HYDAC, stands as a robust communication hub that plays a pivotal role in delivering a comprehensive cloud-based monitoring solution. This versatile communication hub is offered in three distinct configurations, catering to various mobile and industrial needs. In this article, we will delve into the industrial versions, namely the HyComm Industrial IoT Monitoring Kit and the HyComm Industrial IoT Monitoring with IO-Link.

HyComm Industrial IoT Monitoring Kit

The HyComm Industrial IoT Monitoring Kit is a compact, panel-mounted solution enclosed within dimensions of 400 x 400 x 210 mm. This all-in-one package incorporates an industrial gateway and HYDAC's innovative I/O module, the TTC32. This configuration provides the added flexibility of standard software options, facilitating support for CANbus and Modbus TCP by default.

The TTC32 module significantly enhances the monitoring capabilities by enabling seamless integration of sensors, accommodating a wide array of signal types, including analog signals (4–20 mA and 0–10 V), frequency (value and pulse count) signals, digital I/Os (pull-up/pull-down), and more (additional wiring may be required).

Features include:

  • Plug-and-play convenience
  • Sturdy painted steel enclosure
  • 3-Pin 10 A Australia plug top
  • AC/DC converter
  • Industrial gateway
  • Fitted antenna
  • TTC32 I/O controller
  • Terminals for direct sensor wiring
  • Measurement channels:
    • 10 digital and 10 analog Modbus (TCP) channels
    • 10 digital and 10 analog CANbus channels
    • Eight 4-20 mA analog inputs
    • Four 0-10 V analog inputs
    • Two analog frequency input (Pull-up)
    • Two analog frequency inputs (Pull-down) or one analog count and one frequency
    • Eight digital inputs with pin logical output possible to inverse in software (Pull-up)
    • Six digital inputs with pin logical output possible to inverse in software (Pull-down)

HyComm Industrial IoT Monitoring with IO-Link

The HyComm Industrial IoT Monitoring with IO-Link configuration shares similar qualities with the HyComm Industrial IoT Monitoring Kit. Encased within a compact box measuring 250 x 250 x 155 mm, this solution features an industrial gateway and an IO-Link master.

Key features include:

  • Straightforward plug-and-play solutions
  • Sturdy painted steel enclosure
  • 3-Pin 10 A Australia plug top
  • AC/DC converter
  • Industrial gateway
  • IO-Link Master module
  • M12 A-Coded female 4/5 pin bulkhead connectors for IO-Link devices
  • Measurement channels:
    • Supports up to eight different IO-Link sensors
    • Local Wi-Fi website facilitates easy commissioning, allowing users to set up the IODD file of the sensor (IODD file from the vendor must be available)
    • Configuration of up to 20 analog and 40 digital IO-Link channels

All available configurations come equipped with a local Wi-Fi website, providing essential functionalities for commissioning and real-time data monitoring. Furthermore, these solutions extend to cloud-based remote monitoring, offering data visualisation, CSV data download, and alert notifications via email or SMS.

Key highlights include:

1. Local website access:

  • Gain access to live and measured values on each configured channel.
  • Configure alarms on any of the designated channels.

2. Cloud-based remote monitoring (MindSphere Cloud):

  • Secure cloud-based remote monitoring with graphical visualisation.
  • Download data in CSV format.
  • Access widgets for graphical representation, including graphs, values, gauges, bar graphs, tables, and pie charts.
  • Customise the interface with logo and description.
  • Maintain an organised alarm list and configure alarm notifications via email and phone numbers, with support for up to five email addresses and five phone numbers.

3. Variable data upload intervals:

  • Standard Data Update option updates specific channels every five seconds on change and provides an hourly full update for all channels.
  • A Custom Data Update option is also available, subject to additional fees and charges.

4. Customised dashboard visualisation:

  • Personalise the dashboard visualisation, utilising custom HTML and SVG. This customisation may incur additional fees and charges.


HYDAC's IoT Monitoring Solutions, encompassing the HyComm Industrial IoT Monitoring Kit and HyComm Industrial IoT Monitoring with IO-Link, offer comprehensive and adaptable solutions for monitoring and managing a wide range of sensors and data points. With plug-and-play convenience, cloud-based capabilities, and customisation options, these solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries seeking efficient and advanced monitoring systems. Whether users require local or remote access to data, HYDAC's HyComm IoT Monitoring Solutions provide the tools necessary to streamline operations and make data-driven decisions with ease and precision.

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