AVEVA Plant SCADA 2020 R2 taps into the full potential of the AVEVA portfolio

Schneider Electric
Friday, 24 June, 2022

AVEVA Plant SCADA 2020 R2 taps into the full potential of the AVEVA portfolio

As global industry accelerates plans for digital transformation and seeks reliable and flexible SCADA solutions, many companies are shifting to tightly integrated stacks of solutions to solve increasingly interconnected operational challenges.

As HMI/SCADA software continues to evolve, AVEVA Plant SCADA has grown as well. Users will find it easier than ever to explore solutions that deliver collaboration, skills management, deep analytics, and artificial intelligence. Industrial operations must reimagine traditional HMI/SCADA to support the future potential of operations control.

AVEVA Plant SCADA unlocks the full potential of integrated operations control

AVEVA is already exploring ways to bring the familiarity of traditional HMI/SCADA software to a more integrated style of operations, centred around common information platforms and unified operations. AVEVA Plant SCADA represents an example of the way legacy SCADA software can be updated to play a powerful role in unified operations while maintaining features that customers have come to rely on over decades.

AVEVA Plant SCADA began its development lifecycle as a part of Citect, and quickly gained dominance of the SCADA market in the Asia Pacific region. When Citect became part of Schneider Electric and then AVEVA, Citect SCADA was integrated with the AVEVA portfolio.

Now, the same team who created Citect SCADA provides AVEVA Plant SCADA. They’ve kept the features customers have come to rely on like legacy image libraries and graphics editors, but they’ve infused Plant SCADA with common tools shared across AVEVA’s rich portfolio, like industrial graphics and a powerful read/write web client based on HTML5.

Comprehensive operations with AVEVA

AVEVA hasn’t just made this trusted SCADA software better, it has made it a full part of AVEVA operations capabilities. Operations control is a framework of information and teams that allow organisations to break down operational silos and show one unified vision of operations that managers and operators can use to make better decisions and improve processes.

Plant SCADA serves an important role within operations control, and organisations using Plant SCADA can already take advantage of other powerful AVEVA solutions designed to unify systems and teams. For example, Plant SCADA supports industrial graphics, which allows users to import and export rich graphics libraries to other systems.

AVEVA Connect is another important piece of the AVEVA operations control portfolio. Within AVEVA connect, Plant SCADA users can centralise their data with AVEVA Data Hub or use AVEVA Insight to understand their asset health and performance.

AVEVA Plant SCADA is also a part of AVEVA Flex, a subscription credits system that allows AVEVA’s customers to use the entire AVEVA operations portfolio with much lower upfront costs. Want to use FLEX to augment Plant SCADA with the edge management solutions of AVEVA Edge? Now you can! Want to bring Plant SCADA data directly into a unified operations centre? AVEVA Flex makes it possible and cost-effective to start experimenting with more complex system architectures and take advantage of powerful automation tools.

AVEVA Select Distributors offer a personal touch

As an AVEVA Select Distributor, Schneider Electric offers the full AVEVA portfolio. This allows it to provide a personal touchpoint for companies executing their digital transformation plans as they explore new ways to structure their teams and break down information silos for a more unified experience of operations.

Schneider Electric’s partnership with AVEVA provides a rich set of solutions that help organisations optimise operations and asset performance, and more easily adopt technologies like artificial intelligence, industrial IoT, big data, cloud, and hybrid-cloud capabilities.

Upgrading to AVEVA Plant SCADA

AVEVA and Schneider Electric always recommend the use of the most recent versions of software to mitigate security risks and implement the latest features and capabilities. If the organisation is currently using a legacy edition of Citect SCADA, updating to AVEVA Plant SCADA will provide the future-ready technology needed to stay competitive.

Never used AVEVA Plant SCADA? Contact our team to request a demo so we can demonstrate how to reduce your operating costs and improve productivity and product quality.

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