Sullair launches new Managed Air Power service


Wednesday, 01 July, 2020

Sullair launches new Managed Air Power service

Sullair has launched an air power outsourcing service that the company says aims to assist companies to run their operations efficiently and reliably, regardless of their budget constraints and market volatility.

The Managed Air Power (MAP) solution is designed for companies that may have their capital expenditure frozen due to COVID-19 complications. It makes compressed air simple, and allows companies to outsource the provision of compressed air to Sullair, allowing for total control over their compressed air without the significant upfront capital outlay. MAP allows companies to save time and money by relying on Sullair’s expertise. By outsourcing their compressed air needs, Sullair installs the appropriate solution and takes care of all maintenance and servicing over five years.

Sullair Australia’s Managing Director, Fred Funnell, explained the benefit of outsourcing, saying that “outsourcing provides the customer with the essential equipment they need, along with a whole-of-life support package and the peace of mind to know the equipment is being closely monitored allowing them to focus on their core business.”

After this period, companies have the flexibility to extend their contract, purchase the compressor outright or end the contract. MAP gives clients the opportunity to buy compressed air on a consumption basis with a single monthly charge including usage, maintenance and lease of the equipment.

MAP is a flexible offering that can work for both large and small companies. Key benefits include:

  • Maximised reliability and uptime: Sullair’s equipment will be remotely monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Easy budget management: Customers will enjoy the convenience of one monthly invoice that covers all equipment parts, maintenance, monitoring and management.
  • Expedite purchasing of new or replacement equipment: MAP allows clients to treat their compressed air as an operating expense rather than a Capex budget item.
  • Improved productivity: Funnell says that by outsourcing to Sullair, clients are able to focus their time and resources entirely on their core business.
  • Monthly reporting: MAP comes with monthly reports including usage, servicing and equipment performance.

The most compelling benefit to outsourcing is being able to make the right decisions around the business’s needs.

“Outsourcing options give the customer a chance to stop and reassess their actual air demand,” Funnell explained. “Is it the same as it was 10 years ago when the old compressor was installed? Are we now paying for energy we don’t need?”

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