Continuous weighing system

Monday, 18 June, 2007 | Supplied by: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

The Ronan continuous weighing system consists of a measuring frame, source holder, detector, cable and electronic unit. The measuring frame is available in "A' and "O' frame configurations depending on the physical characteristics of the conveyer. Both source holder and detector are integral parts of the measuring frame. An interconnect cable connects the detector to the remotely mounted electronic unit. This unit can be located at a distance up to 1650 m from the detector. Electronic packages include panel mount, rackmount, surface mount, NEMA type 4 and NEMA type 4X enclosures.

The highly focused radiation beam emitted from the source holder is transmitted through the bulk material on the conveyer. The ion chamber detector mounted below the conveyer receives radiation in an amount inversely proportional to the loading in weight-per-unit-length. This signal is then multiplied with a length-per-unit-time signal representing speed. Both signals are processed in the X96N weight computer and a signal representing rate of flow or weight-per-unit-time is calculated. This flow rate signal is integrated with respect to time to produce the total weight transported. The electronic unit is capable of displaying weight, rate and speed simultaneously or continuous totalised weight in selected units. A predetermined count can also be set for batching applications where an end-of-batch contact is desirable. State-of-the-art processing technology, coupled with the easily installed non-contacting measuring assembly, combine to provide the user with a reliable and cost-effective method of weighing bulk materials.

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