Robotic palletising and LGVs

Hot Melt Packing Systems
Friday, 13 March, 2009

The Euroimpianti Skilled ANT101 is a simple palletising robot. It has a modular construction and can be adapted to any pre-existing product conveyor and packaging line. The fully automatic, compact line dedicated palletisers remove the need for conveying to a centralised palletising area and enable independence of production lines. The Cartesian structured robot with four degrees of freedom houses one or two palletising stations and one pick-up conveyor. Its pick-up station conveyor has sloping rollers in order to guide and centre the cases before pick-and-place palletising. The adjustable pick-up gripper of mechanical or venturi vacuum style equipped with an anti-collision safety device provides the most flexible and reliable pick-and-place operation.

Together with the palletising systems, Euroimpianti Skilled LGV is a laser-guided vehicle system which completes the end-of-line automation. The laser guiding system is similar to an ‘eye’. Reflectors are positioned on the walls and a ‘triangle’ reading method learns the exact position of the vehicle to carry out the appropriate operations necessary to move around the area. The position of the vehicle is updated 20 times a second to ensure a high precision degree. A sophisticated filtering system intercepts any bad reflectors due to other sources and decides to exclude them for the calculation of the positions. The security class 1 laser ray is harmless to people and not visible with the naked eye. The advantages of a Skilled LGV include no floor-works required (cutting, magnetic tape, coloured tapes, etc), and the change of path of the vehicles is easy and is carried out via CAD system.

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