Multi-purpose digital panel meters offer higher usability

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Monday, 09 September, 2019


The release of a series of new, advanced WPMZ digital panel meters from Watanabe Electrics is intended to fulfil users’ requirements for intelligent instruments.

In the era of automation, industries have put strong emphasis on improving efficiency and quality control in the processing and production environment by using advanced and state-of-the-art sensing instruments. Sensors have been extensively used in the processing line to measure and gather information on process performance, and advanced and intelligent measuring instruments are needed to provide accurate and reliable reading from the sensors.

The release of a series of new, advanced WPMZ digital panel meters from Watanabe Electrics is intended to fulfil users’ requirements for intelligent instruments. The WPMZ panel meter offers digital readings that are easy to read as well as an easy-to-operate users interface. The display can also be adjusted to suit lighting conditions, and the display can be rotated by 90° to fit into narrow places. With suitable sensor selections, these units can be used for high-speed applications with maximum aggregate sampling rate of 4 kHz per unit.

The WPMZ series digital panel meters are also programmed with up to ten arithmetic expressions, which can be freely set by cross-keys, to calculate parameters from two input channels. Both the measurement value and the calculated value can be shown in one display. This introduces significant cost and space savings when the instruments are used as display devices in a processing line.

Different types of applications

The WPMZ panel meters are available in four different types to accept various process inputs, including analog, strain, pulse and flow rate. These are intended to cover a broad range of measurement requirements including process monitoring and quality control.

The WPMZ-1 offers DC voltage and current input configurations with an alarm log function. It can be configured to sample data at high speed to capture instantaneous changes in process values that often occur during press or torque measurement. Depending on the sensor used, this unit can be used for measuring almost all types of physical parameters. For example, displacement sensors can be used in conjunction with the WPMZ-1 to measure thickness by utilising the built-in arithmetic expressions.

Offering a waveform display and a multi-hold function, the WPMZ-3 is best suited for applications in quality control. To do this, users must first create a comparison waveform to be matched with the measured value. Measurements can be initiated by an external control function and alarm signals will be relayed if the measured value does not match the comparison waveform. This function offers enhanced efficiency for monitoring quality in constant cycle production environments.

With pulse and line driver inputs, the WPMZ-5 is more suitable for measuring rotational speed such as during the inspection of a motor. On the other hand, the WPMZ-6 is specifically designed for the measurement of flow rate. It can measure simultaneous or integrated flow rate and is particularly useful for the measurement of total flow from tanks. As it can monitor two different flow rates simultaneously, users may be able to monitor the flow difference between the two lines for the purpose of stabilising a mixing process for example.

Benefits for the wider industry

With advances in the development of modern measuring instrumentation, digital displays and metering devices are no longer being used for the sole purpose of displaying results from the sensors. The implementation of an arithmetic function, as well as the WPMZ-3’s unique waveform feature, open up the possibility of expanding and optimising digital measurements in a production process.

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