Adaptable telemetry project solutions

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Friday, 10 July, 2020


Telemetry is an advanced monitoring and analysis system that records data from a remote source, then transmits it to an IT system in a different location. Sensors located at the source point can measure physical values such as pressure, precipitation and temperature, or electrical values such as voltage and current.

The data stream is disaggregated at the receiving end, providing actionable analytics for making adjustments at the source point. Telemetry is used in wide-ranging fields that include medicine, meteorology, intelligence and construction.

Using telemetry in construction

The construction and civil engineering industry is the backbone of progress, and analytics previously beyond reach are now available thanks to remote monitoring telemetry systems. Precision telemetry sensors manage data for monitoring and adapting areas such as heavy equipment use, formwork, piling and dewatering systems.

Equipment location tracking is another telemetry adaptation, allowing developers and construction managers to keep tabs on hire machinery and equipment at all times. Telemetry improves workplace efficiency and safety, while also improving equipment performance and putting a stop to theft and property loss.

Telemetry for workplace efficiency

Industrial services such as project planning and systems performance are dramatically enhanced by using telemetry project solutions. The system can streamline major events like shutdowns and turnarounds, and will assist the user in maintaining an accurate remote inventory for tracking location, status and condition of equipment and machinery. Maintenance work can be expedited, allowing major industrial and construction sites to return to operation on schedule without costly delays. With telemetry, the narrow margin of profitability won’t get eaten up by inefficient systems or poor hire equipment utilisation rates.

Telemetry for workplace safety

Telemetry is ideal for remote monitoring and analysis of major engineering works. The data provided acts as an early-warning system regarding exposure to hazards and other risks. Telemetry is used for remote monitoring of ground forces, load limits and shoring works, allowing workers to remain at a safe distance whenever required.

Remote monitoring of large construction shoring struts is a typical example of telemetry utility. Telemetry will accurately measure the load on a construction site caused by heavy-duty hydraulic bracing and strutting in excavations and construction pits. Telemetry is the cost-effective means to offer a critical service from the safety of a remote site office.

Remote project solutions anywhere in Australia

Wireless connectivity and communications devices, along with progressive equipment hire services, provide adaptable telemetry project solutions Australia-wide. Telemetry technology has become a major factor in the profitability of large construction and engineering projects, with industry experts at the forefront of change. Telemetry project solutions are designed to improve worksite efficiency, worksite safety and profitability, with leading construction and civil engineering teams supporting the digital telemetry revolution.

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