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Saturday, 01 February, 2020


The ever-growing universe of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is not only constantly evolving — broadening the possibilities that open up to us — but also one of the most important industry business when it comes to safety and inspection, and which we should always take into consideration whenever we are about to buy (or before throwing away) any product.

Everything from raw materials to finished components revolve around MRO, which, surprisingly to some, is actually intrinsic in our nature. Although we might not think too much about it, we human beings have always felt the urge to repair, overhaul, and maintain any of our equipment, even when we just had Neolithic, rudimentary tools to run after animals.

Leaving the ‘good old times’ aside (as we don’t need to repair any sort of wooden lance at the moment), maintenance, in particular, is so soaked in our nature, that we developed different types of maintenance systems and items throughout the decades.

Starting from the “if it ain’t broke, fix it ’till it is” formula of the early forties, which became popular among the American soldiers, we have then gone through different stages of maintenance and repair, including corrective maintenance, planned preventive maintenance, and computer-aided maintenance. With the unstoppable rise of electronics, the need to regularly test and measure our equipment became essential, as an investment for both the present and the future. Likewise, since 1937, RS PRO has shared its passion not only for industrial parts but MRO too, with its wide offering proving it. Being the only global brand that covers all industries, with more than 50,000 products being constantly updated, RS PRO knows how important it is to maintain and repair any type of machinery.

For instance, if you have to inspect an industrial tool or even examine a gemstone, our RS PRO microscopes will efficiently help you.

The same goes for our range of RS PRO IR thermometers, which will accurately recognise any hidden temperature. Since the working condition of your equipment is particularly important to us, too, we have developed an 8 mm video inspection camera kit, through which your internal inspections and reading stamped identifications will become easier than ever before.

And don’t forget the hand tools, which are essential for every kind of maintenance! Such as the RS PRO tools belts and ratchet spanners and spanner sets, which will help you be effective everywhere, at any time. An RS PRO VDE electrician tool case is the ideal choice for storing and bringing your tools and components with you even in challenging environments.

Practically speaking, though, why are we so focused on MRO?

With good maintenance comes more productivity, a more positive attitude towards the industrial community, and overall feelings of responsibility and shared benefits.

Up-keep of any tool or machine makes anyone who lives with it on a daily basis feel safer, enriching the results and providing a happier place to work in.

With a higher understanding of the need for the reliability of each tool or machine, as well as the necessity to easily inspect, repair or overhaul products across all industries, many professionals began looking for a place were all things related to MRO were easily accessible, updated, and dependable — and that’s exactly where we stand as RS PRO.

Last but not least, to better understand the working condition of your equipment, as well as to positively impact your future cost savings (and life), we definitely suggest testing your tools as often as possible and live up to the old saying that it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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