CM3C.. servomotors: dynamic power and tailored modularity

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Thursday, 30 May, 2024

CM3C.. servomotors: dynamic power and tailored modularity

SEW-EURODRIVE’s CM3C.. servomotor series are compact, dynamic, and powerful servomotors designed to complement the MOVI-C® modular automation system. With increased inertia and high overload capacity, they are tailored for dynamic applications, ensuring optimal performance. But what sets the CM3C.. series apart is its modularity, seamlessly integrating with the SEW range of gear units and servo controllers to provide customisable solutions that meet the specific needs of various industries.

By increasing the diameter of the rotor, the CM3C.. has a higher mass moment of inertia and so offers control benefits in applications that are themselves characterised by high moments of inertia or large moving masses. This series of motors is available in the sizes 63S ranging to 100L and with continuous standstill torques from 2.7 Nm to 40 Nm. Accordingly, the peak torques range from 8 Nm to 120 Nm. Another feature of the innovative CM3C.. motor design is the significant increase in the base speed. This allows maximum acceleration to be maintained over a much larger speed range.

User benefits

By using the latest winding and magnet technology in combination with high-performance materials, the efficiency is improved dramatically with:

  • An increase of continuous standstill torque by approximately 30%
  • A reduction of weight by approximately 30%
  • A reduction of length by approximately 30%.

Beyond their modern design and enhanced performance, CM3C.. servomotors provide a range of configurable features and optimal adaptability. These versatile servomotors offer a wide range of options across all sizes, which can be combined in almost any configuration. With various encoder systems, cooling types, connection variants, output designs, brake versions, and an extensive range of high performance or standard gearmotor products.

Seamless integration and monitoring with MOVILINK DDI®

Optional to the standard resolver or encoder feedback systems, the MOVILINK DDI® interface when integrated to the CM3C.., makes the servo motor a digital node in the network, not only providing motor speed feedback but also a large number of data points. These data points are available for creating maintenance forecasts, performing automatic motor start-ups and keeping comprehensive operational data. The data includes encoder, motor start-up parameters, temperature and data of other auxiliary sensors, all relayed directly to the inverter and available to the connected supervisory control system.

As the type designations, serial numbers and logistics data associated with motors are identified and supplied automatically, an inventory of all the drives in a plant can be created automatically at the touch of a button. The use of a DDI hybrid cable that is standard for all SEW motor families, facilitates the intelligent digital connection between motor and application inverter.

Local availability and serviceability

In line with SEW-EURODRIVE’s local support philosophy, the CM3C.. servomotor range is assembled and serviced at SEW EURODRIVE’s Melbourne mechatronics assembly centre, which is supported by a team of local sales and engineering specialists.

SEW-EURODRIVE is your complete motion solutions provider

At SEW-EURODRIVE, we pride ourselves on being the go-to provider for complete drive solutions. Whether looking to modernise a current system or requiring a brand-new system, SEW-EURODRIVE offers one of the most extensive ranges of drive technology products, solutions, and services available. One point of contact for motion solution products: that sounds good, doesn’t it?

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