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Monday, 27 May, 2019

Lifelong learning

According to the National Academy of Engineering (USA), engineers worldwide are facing a whirlwind of change. Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that engineers must update half of everything they know every couple of years. Additionally, demands from customers are also putting pressure on companies to adapt and evolve. For example, the fluid power industry is challenged to improve reliability, reduce the size and weight of components and system, and reduce the environmental impact of their work, amongst others. In order to stay competitive fluid power companies must be open to the concept of lifelong learning for their staff and support them through continuous improvement.

HYDAC Australia & New Zealand offers a number of courses that have rich content and continual improvement focus. Additionally HYDAC has local content that is relevant to our industries and local needs. HYDAC Training Centre offers practical nationally recognised courses on a variety of topics. From understanding the basics of hydraulics to thermal optimisation, filtration, electronics, predictive maintenance and Industry 4.0, HYDAC’s courses are designed to keep engineers on top of their game. Students not only learn in the classroom, they also have the privilege to get their hands on the products and practise using the latest technology, such as the hydraulic/electrohydraulic training rig, cooling systems rig and control technology products.

HYDAC ensures that its employees, service partners and the end users have both the knowledge and the confidence they need to meet the increasing demands of their vocational endeavours. The goal is not simply to provide industry with a few broad-stroked hydraulic courses, but to separate and arrange the training into manageable learning blocks, which are centred on the very different subcomponents found in modern systems.

As an example, ‘Maintain Hydraulics 2’ is among the courses provided. This is a three-day course that centres on the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding, troubleshooting and maintaining modern oil hydraulic systems. The majority of this course is based on practical exercises. This gives the individual a good understanding of the components themselves, and of their functions within a system. Throughout the exercises, students test components and evaluate the need for repair and then discuss repair possibilities, methods and actions. It is also highlighted the safe working methods, referring to industrial catalogues and standards.

Another course HYDAC is also proud to offer is the ‘Predictive Maintenance, Motion, Control & Automation’ course, which teaches the principles of Industry 4.0. This is a two-day comprehensive training course that makes an otherwise complex topic easier to understand.

At the completion of the course, a certificate of acknowledgement will be issued to the participants, stating the course name and all other relevant details. All the courses are supported by over 1100 pages of training material, which are available in fully bound books.

HYDAC can also provide customised training solutions to organisations tailoring the courses based on company’s particular needs, and HYDAC Training Centre receives enrolments from students from all over the world, including China and Chile.

Courses are beinh held in five training centres across Australia and New Zealand (Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle and Auckland).

For course information, dates, location and more, visit HYDAC’s website:

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