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Upgrading process control systems - what you need to know: an eBook

18 September, 2013

Some of the greatest challenges facing process plant operators today are the need to improve plant efficiency, reduce downtime and improve safety. Upgrading your process control system could assist in this area. Read this eBook to find out more.

Calibration in a regulatory environment

13 August, 2013

For process manufacturers, regular calibration of instruments is common practice. In areas where instrument accuracy is critical to product quality or safety, calibration every few months is not unusual. In chemical and pharmaceutical industries, rigid calibration schedules are necessary in order to maintain compliance.

Minimising reactor vessel explosion risks

18 June, 2013

Accurate and reliable oxygen monitoring in reactor vessels is essential to minimise the risk of a build-up of an explosive mixture of gases. While sensors based on electrochemical cell technology are the lowest cost option, their limited operating life makes them unsuitable for many safety-related applications.

Strides in automation: streamlining the factory floor

18 June, 2013

In the last 150 years, factoIn the last 150 years, factories have gone from totally manual operations with each work station operated byries have gone from totally manual operations with each work station operated by a single worker, to fully automated and integrated processes that can sometimes be operated 'lights out'. This paper looks at the transformation of plant operations and the growth of automation intelligence.

Modernise your plant with wireless eBook

31 May, 2013

Reducing operational costs and energy consumption, and improving safety, are some of the biggest challenges facing process plant operators today. Plant maintenance is commonly carried out through manual inspection and scheduled regular downtime, which can lead to safety risks and inefficiencies. This eBook reviews the benefits of adopting wireless technology in your plant.

Advanced pressure diagnostics provide valuable insight into your process

10 August, 2012

Advanced pressure diagnostic technology provides a means for early detection of abnormal situations in a process environment and enables the user to proactively respond to changes in the process, troubleshoot and prevent future shutdowns. Find out how it can help prevent abnormal situations in your plant.

How to minimise losses in converter-fed induction motors

06 October, 2011

This study presents a technique developed to minimise losses in totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) induction motors fed by frequency converters in applications with constant torque loads, especially at low speeds, in which the ventilation system is inefficient.

Lowering costs and improving safety at sewage pumping stations

08 August, 2011

Pumping raw sewage or any kind of wastewater can be expensive, with many hidden costs and safety issues. Download this white paper to find out how you can lower costs and improve safety at sewage pumping stations.

Energy Cost Reduction through Load Balancing and Load Shedding

15 May, 2011

Power factor is an important aspect that drives up energy costs so improving this, controlling the demand charge and reducing peak consumption during ON peak times will result in substantial savings. In addition, the PLM function helps to improve quality of the main power supply and ultimately reduces CO2 emissions.

Emergency standby pumping capability?

02 May, 2011

When the storm is raging in the middle of the night, the last thing you want to hear is the phone ringing off the hook to tell you that four of your pump stations are down and all hands are needed. Do you have emergency standby pumping capability?

Simplify your fieldbus installation

01 September, 2010

Download this white paper for guidelines to keep in mind when ordering your fieldbus system and when dealing with your installation subcontractor.

Safety instrumented systems: the "logic" of single loop logic solvers

01 September, 2010

Today, there are solutions for SIS strategies with hundreds of I/O and there are those for systems with just a handful of I/O – and everything in between. The “new generation” in safety-certified single loop logic solvers fits into this scenario nicely.

Solving application problems for wastewater pumping stations

01 September, 2010

Download this white paper if any of your objectives are to: cope with peak wet weather flows; cope with power outages during peak flows; lower costs over the life of the pump station installation; improve OH&S at pump stations; remove confined spaces issues.

Inverter-rated motors: what they are and how to identify them

23 June, 2010

This white paper reviews the significant effects an inverter has on an induction motor; it summarises the international guidelines for the inverter-driven motor applications, mainly those contained in the latest International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) technical specifications.

A self-cleaning wet-well

28 May, 2010

Is the cleaning of a wet-well just a costly and troublesome fact of life? Or is there truly an effective, cost-efficient alternative?

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