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Kaeser compressed air filters

23 February, 2022

Kaeser Compressors has launched an updated generation of compressed air filters with improved flow rates.

Boge DAV-2 adsorption dryers

11 June, 2021

The DAV-2 adsorption dryers can achieve flow rates of 450–7302 m3/h at a maximum operating pressure of 11 bar.

EXAIR Super Air Knife

01 December, 2020

The compact Super Air Knife provides a uniform, high-volume, high-velocity sheet of laminar airflow across the entire length.

Kaeser DC Series desiccant air dryers

17 July, 2020

The DC series of desiccant dryers from Kaeser Compressors can lower the pressure dewpoint of the compressed air to -70°C.

Oxair desiccant air dryers

19 June, 2019

Designed for consistent pressure dew points, -40°C to -60°C, Oxair's desiccant air dryers eliminate water and freezing ice in low ambient temperatures.

Titanium filters launched commercially in Australia

31 May, 2018

Adelaide-based Advanced Material Solutions (AMS) began commissioning its first commercial titanium filtration membranes last month.

Kaeser air filters

24 October, 2017

Kaeser has launched compressed air filters that are said to offer up to 50% lower pressure loss.

Kaeser ACT series activated carbon adsorbers

25 July, 2017

The ACT series activated carbon adsorbers from Kaeser are able to deliver a continuous supply of compressed air that is technically oil-free as well as odour- and taste-neutral.

Witt 737 LE-HD/S dome-loaded pressure regulator

09 May, 2016

The Witt 737 LE-HD/S dome-loaded pressure regulator for high-pressure applications allows constant gas pressure to be achieved irrespective of varying flow rates and upstream pressures.

Festo MS6-E2M energy-efficiency module

20 May, 2015

The MS6-E2M energy-efficiency module can actively intervene in the air supply, particularly during standby operation. It reduces the consumption of compressed air and can also monitor the system for leaks.

HYDAC Optimicron filter elements

30 January, 2015

Optimicron filter elements offer up to 30% lower differential pressure compared to Betamicron 4 filters, resulting in energy and cost savings over a long service life.

Midland-ACS 3525 Series compact SS filter regulator

19 November, 2014

The Midland-ACS 3525 Series compact filter regulator is a 316L stainless steel combined unit for filtration and regulation of compressed air and gases.

Filtration system design: key to improving pneumatic performance

06 September, 2013 by Scott Minato and Barbara Pontisso, Numatics, Inc

It is, of course, desirable that industrial air or gas supply lines be free of particulate, water, oil and other contaminants. But in reality, supply lines usually deliver some contaminants along with the air or gas they were designed to carry.

SPX Airpel Series pipeline protection filters

03 July, 2013

The Airpel Series pipeline filtration range is suitable for many applications within a power-generation facility and offers a cost-effective method of providing protection of more expensive equipment in the pipeline, such as pumps, valves and heat exchangers.

Atlas Copco DD+, PD+, DDp+ and PDp+ compressed air filters

09 April, 2013

Micro-glass fibre filter media and a six-layer wrapped construction ensure high-purity filtration and a guaranteed performance over the filter lifetime.

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