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Using sensors to make grippers more productive

14 April, 2011

Sensor-equipped grippers enhance quality and productivity of automated assembly processes and can enable fully automatic, recipe-driven flexible production.

And you thought coffee was for drinking!

22 November, 2010 by Anne Ju, Cornell University

Researchers have created a versatile gripper using everyday ground coffee and a latex party balloon, bypassing traditional designs based on the human hand and fingers.

PIAB piINLINE inline vacuum ejectors

29 October, 2010 by

PIAB piINLINE is a range of inline vacuum ejectors based on COAX technology. They are suitable for handling components in the electronics industry. A major benefit is that the ejectors work at low feed pressure.

Exair E-Vac modular vacuum generators

14 October, 2010 by

Exair’s modular E-Vac vacuum generators are a series of compressed air-powered vacuums for lifting, pick-and-place, clamping, chucking and surface-mounting applications. The vacuum pumps provide instantaneous response and are available in many sizes that provide a variety of vacuum levels and flow rates. They are maintenance free and have no moving parts to wear out.

Festo FinGripper

17 August, 2010 by

The FinGripper has been designed to handle fruit, bulbs or pressure-sensitive food reliably.

Suction cup for bag handling

29 September, 2009 by

The BL40-5 suction cup is a silicone cup with reinforced bellows and a long, thin lip designed for pick-and-place applications, mainly in the food industry, and specifically optimised to handle difficult bags - bags that are filled with liquids or with material that is not in one piece such as heavy pet food bags, bags with frozen food or bags of rice or pasta.

High-friction suction cups

29 September, 2009 by

Duraflex friction cups are designed to provide strong grip on oily and wet surfaces and they are particularly suitable for the automotive and whitegoods manufacturing industries.

Electric gripper

30 July, 2009

The HGPLE electric gripper from Festo with an integrated motor and a gear unit provides variable positioning and speed control, giving users controlled and secure gripping. The unit is suitable for applications where no compressed air is available.

Vacuum handling cylinder

30 July, 2009

The Vactivator V10 is a vacuum handling cylinder featuring automatic stroke control. The cylinder is available in V10/20 article number 01.12.645, with a stroke of 0-20 mm.

Suction cups

09 June, 2009 by

Piab’s BL30-4 suction cup is the smallest suction cup in the BL40-4 family of suction cups which are specially designed for bag handling. The BL30-4P is a suction cup which features long and flexible bellows and a long and thin lip, and is intended mainly for handling lightweight products where high application speed is required.

Reducing carbon footprint with the right vacuum system

19 December, 2008 by Josef Karbassi, Piab’s business unit manager, automotive

Today, carbon dioxide (CO2) is considered to be the largest environmental threat to our world by most researchers. Heightened levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere lead to global warming, which in the long run can jeopardise our future on this planet.

Vacuum ejectors

01 December, 2008

Many applications require the use of a vacuum ejector (generator) to develop the vacuum pressure for pick and place and other applications. Using compressed air to create the vacuum pressure often places a high demand on valuable compressed air resources.

Compact solenoid valves

01 December, 2008

The UOG compact solenoid valve series combines compact dimensions with high flow rates.

Positive pressure gripper

01 November, 2008

Many applications requiring materials handling techniques employ the use of a vacuum pump, vacuum ejectors and vacuum pads. Often it is not possible to employ vacuum pick-up due to the material or the sensitive or physical nature of the product.

Vacuum silencers

05 September, 2008

The Mini and Midi Coax silencers have been developed by Piab so that users can enjoy a lower sound level when using the Coax cartridges for direct integration or when using them on the Vacuum Gripper Systems VGS or the pump unit PMAT/Vactrap platforms.

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