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Metromatics Pty Ltd

Metromatics provide the complete customer solution in the areas of: Data Acquisition Systems, Portable/Rackmountable Recorders, High Bright Industrial LCDs, Embedded Computing Solutions and all your sensor requirements. We not only supply this high quality brilliant technology we also provide the necessary after sales support with friendly, qualified engineers and with offices around Australia and New Zealand.

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Lord Sensing G-Link-200 wireless 3-axis accelerometer

The G-Link-200 is a battery-powered wireless 3-axis accelerometer with a rugged, weatherproof enclosure.

Dewesoft IOLITE data acquisition system

The Dewesoft IOLITE data acquisition system has two fully redundant EtherCAT bus systems that work in parallel.

Dytran series 3623 submersible triaxial accelerometer

The Dytran series 3623 is an IEPE, case isolated, IP68 rated (submersed to 175 psi) triaxial accelerometer.

Dytran series 3133 miniature triaxial accelerometer

The Dytran series 3133 is a miniature, hermetically sealed, IEPE triaxial accelerometer, weighing 0.8 g.

Crystal Group FORCE Size D integrated managed switch module

The FORCE fully integrated managed switch module can be added to any Crystal product with size D openings.

Dytran Model 3262C high-temperature accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has released the model 3262C, a high-temperature differential output accelerometer that operates at up to +649°C.

Crystal Group RE1529 Rugged Embedded computer

Crystal Group is expanding its Rugged Embedded (RE) product line with the RE1529 Rugged Embedded computer.

Acromag SP330 series isolated signal splitter/duplicators

Acromag's SP330 series of isolated signal splitter/duplicators are designed to accommodate a broad variety of applications.

Futek TFF400 reaction torque sensor

Futek has introduced a redesigned TFF400 reaction torque sensor with up to 300% overload protection.

Technology Dynamics DC-UPS power supply systems

The DC-UPS power supply systems from Technology Dynamics are designed to provide clean, uninterrupted power to critical DC loads in the event of AC (utility) power loss.

Acromag DT Series dual transmitters

The DT Series dual transmitters are designed to offer a space-saving solution to interface a variety of process and sensor signals to control systems.

Crystal RS114PS18 carbon fibre servers

The ultra-lightweight (5.44 to 6.35 kg) chassis of the RS114PS18 range provides EMI/EMC protection and shock and vibration resilience.

Crystal Group RE1014 embedded computer

The RE1014 embedded computer has a compact construction and comes in panel or rackmount options.

Dytran Instruments VibraScout 6DoF USB sensor

The VibraScout 6DoF is a plug-and-play, portable data acquisition system that contains an 8-pole elliptical anti-aliasing filter and measures x, y, z acceleration, along with roll, pitch and yaw.

Acromag 989EN-4016 and 993EN-4016 totalisers

Many applications call for converting flowmeter pulse or analog DC current signals to Ethernet for extended remote monitoring and control applications.

Acromag SP-230 signal splitter

The Acromag SP-230 signal splitter converts a millivolt, voltage, current or thermocouple input into two proportional isolated 4–20 mA control signals.

Acromag ST132-0600 temperature transmitter

The Acromag ST132-0600 thermocouple/millivolt input 2-wire transmitter is a tiny, puck-style unit 4.5 cm in diameter.

Acromag uBSP signal splitter/duplicator

The uBSP acts as a carrier for the microBlox line of plug-in signal conditioning modules to drive two scalable 4–20 mA or 0–10 V control outputs and an auxiliary 5 V third output from a single input.

Huntron Access DH2 robotic prober

The open architecture design of the Access DH2 makes it possible to utilise flying probe technology for many different test methods where automated probing of the PCA under test is required.

Crystal Group RS37AS17 rugged server

The RS37AS17 from Crystal Group is a rugged server designed to meet a growing demand for a quick way to modernise and streamline power generation and distribution substations.

Crystal RE1012 rugged embedded computer

The RE1012 is engineered with substation applications in mind, and includes Intel chipsets and processors, stabilised in a compact, rugged enclosure to provide robust compute power over a long operational life in even the most extreme environments.

Crystal Group RE1112 rugged embedded computer

The RE1112 rugged embedded computer is designed for applications where high performance is needed in demanding environmental conditions.

Acromag microBlox limit alarms and transmitters

Acromag has recently added limit alarm and transmitter solutions to its line of microBlox signal conditioners.

Dewesoft R8 data acquisition instruments

Dewesoft recently upgraded its R8 instruments, making them mechanically stronger. The instruments offer a compact solution by combining up to 64 SIRIUS Dual Core channels (or 128 HD channels) and the SBOX in a single chassis.

Futek MBA500 torque and thrust bi-axial load cell

The MBA500 torque and thrust bi-axial load cell is designed to measure reaction torque moments as well as tension and compression loads, all in one transducer.

Acromag PS5R Slim Line power supplies

Acromag is now offering its PS5R Slim Line range of nine power supplies with universal voltage inputs.

FUTEK LCB200 Rod End Load Cell

The FUTEK LCB200 Rod End Load Cell (tension and compression) is designed for applications involving inline actuators or hydraulic jacks with male or female threads.

Dewesoft SIRIUSwe-HD-16xSTGS EtherCAT DAQ module

Dewesoft has recently introduced the SIRIUSwe-HD-16xSTGS EtherCAT high-density data acquisition module, designed for application in harsh environments.

Dewesoft KRYPTON 6xSTG DAQ module

KRYPTON DAQ modules are engineered to operate in harsh conditions such as heat, dust, mud, water and snow, being milled from a block of aluminium and then filled with rubber.

Futek QTA141 miniature torque sensor

With its miniature footprint, the QTA141 torque sensor is designed to provide a precision torque measurement solution for miniature DC servo motors.

Futek PFT510 flush-mount pressure sensor

Weighing only 10 g, the PFT510 has a pressure range of 225–10,000 psi and natural frequencies up to 100 kHz.

Ipetronik M-UNI2 temperature and voltage data acquisition system

The M-UNI2 from Ipetronik offers temperature and voltage measurement within a single device.

Acromag XT1111 Modbus/TCP discrete I/O

Acromag's XT1111 Modbus/TCP discrete I/O is designed to provide a reliable, simple way to communicate with multiple distant locations.

Futek LSM300 load cell

The LSM300 precision load cell offers a lightweight design with an easy side-mounting feature, making it suitable for OEM applications.

Acromag 900EN series Ethernet I/O modules

The Acromag 900EN series is a rugged, high-performance line of networked I/O modules that feature universal input/output ranges and an intelligent microcontroller to provide flexibility and powerful monitoring and control capabilities.

DEWESoft SBOX data acquisition computer

DEWESoft has designed the SBOX computer to be powerful, fast and rugged, and it can pair with DEWESoft Sirius and transform into a modular, compact, standalone data acquisition system.

Crystal Group RCS7450 and RCS7750 switches

Built on the Brocade ICX 7450 and ICX 7750 network switches, Crystal Group's RCS7450 and RCS7750 rugged switches are enterprise class, stackable LAN solutions for small and medium-sized applications.

Futek IDA100 digitally configurable strain gauge amplifier

The Futek IDA100 is a digitally configurable strain gauge amplifier that provides both analog and digital output via USB.

Futek Model LCM200 miniature tension and compression load cell

The Futek Model LCM200 is a miniature tension and compression load cell built for endurance or inline tension or compression applications.

Futek Model LLB250 miniature button load cell

The Futek Model LLB250 is a miniature load button built for press or inline compression applications.

Futek USB520 and USB530 data acquisition instruments

The USB520 and USB530 measurement instruments are compact in size while delivering little noise interference, high speed, and accuracy and nonlinearity to ±0.005% of FSR.

Acromag BusWorks XT1530 and XT1540 multifunction Ethernet I/O modules

Acromag has expanded its BusWorks XT Series of Ethernet I/O modules to include models with multiple I/O functionality.

FUTEK LCM300 miniature load cell

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology has announced the LCM300, a miniature inline threaded load cell with a capacity range from 22 to 453 kg.

Crysral RE1401 NUC compact rugged computer

Crystal Group has announced the RE1401 NUC (Next Unit of Computing), a compact, high-performance, rugged embedded computer appropriate for operational deployment in harsh environments.

Crystal Group RS4104 and RS4198L24 industrial server platforms

The RS4104 and RS4198L24 are rackmounted servers designed to feature Dual Intel Haswell or Broadwell E5 Xeon processors paired with high-performance co-processors like the Xeon PHI or nVidia's Tesla products.

Argon ARD21 21.3″ rugged display

The Argon ARD21 21.3″ rugged display is designed for command and control applications where maximum viewable surface area is needed in the smallest mounting possible.

FUTEK LLB130 button load cell

Miniature load buttons are traditionally not known for their high accuracy; however, the LLB130 offers a non-linearity of ±0.5% and deflection of 0.05 mm nominal.

Acromag microBlox isolated signal conditioning modules for DAQ

Offering over 175 models, the microBlox uB modules can safely interface a wide variety of voltage, current, temperature, frequency, and other field signals with a ±5V or 0–5 VDC output to host measurement and control systems.

Acromag USB isolator

Acromag's compact, industrial-grade isolator provides a high-voltage isolation barrier between a computer and a connected USB device.

NextComputing Vigor ED rugged portable workstation

The Vigor series is compact, rugged and designed to handle the same demanding tasks normally assigned to full-sized systems.

NextComputing CyberPro portable packet forensics appliance

CyberPro offers a high-speed packet capture, indicators of compromise event alerting, BPF filter event triggering and a fully integrated analytics workflow with a collection of open source packet analysis software tools.

Crystal Rugged RCS6450-12 and RCS6450-24 switches

The RCS6450-12 and RCS6450-24 ruggedised switches are designed for small and medium-sized applications with improved cooling, shock, vibration and humidity performance for heavy industrial and military environments.

EME PicoPetite compact DA system

The EME PicoPetite is a compact, self-contained, full-featured data acquisition system (DAS) measuring only 51 x 59 x 30 mm and weighing less than 142 g for 32 channels.

Crystal Group RS549 and RS5718L24 rugged 5U servers

The RS549 and RS5718L24 rugged 5U servers from Crystal Group are specifically developed for applications in industries such as oil and gas, public transportation, utilities, mining, military and security.

Dewetron TRION data acquisition modules

TRION modules combine simultaneous sampling 24-bit ADC technology with advanced Dewetron signal conditioning in one module that plugs into the DEWE2 platform.

Dytran 1212V3 ring-style IEPE force sensor

The 1212V3 can measure vibratory compressive forces over a wide frequency range and unidirectional pulsing forces from punch and forming presses, and other repetitive force applications including impact forces.

Dytran Instruments VibraCorder portable vibration instrument

The VibraCorder from Dytran Instruments is designed for portable, 3-axis, static and dynamic acceleration measurements.

Crystal RSS13S17 JBOD rugged 1U storage system

The RSS13S17 JBOD rugged 1U storage system is designed to MIL-STD 810 and MIL-S-901, and is NAS capable for up to 12 Tb with rotational drives or 6 Tb with solid-state drives.

Crystal RE0814 rugged embedded computer

The RE0814 rugged embedded computer from Crystal Group features no moving parts and is fanless.

Acromag BusWorks XT1210 and XT1220 Ethernet I/O modules

The XT1210 and XT1220 models provide an 8-channel interface for analog voltage or current input signals and EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, Profinet or peer-to-peer communication.

ACromag XT1230 and XT1240 ethernet I/O modules

The XT1230 and XT1240 ethernet I/O modules provide a 16-channel interface for single-ended analog current or voltage input signals.

Acromag TT230 and TT330 series signal conditioners

The Acromag TT230 and TT330 series isolated signal conditioners feature high-density mounting on DIN rails, supporting RTD/resistance and potentiometer/thermistor input signals.

Futek PFT510 miniature pressure sensor

The Futek PFT510 miniature pressure sensor is a general pressure solution for a variety of applications and is designed with a flat, flush-mount diaphragm to avoid clogging at the installation port.

Acromag BusWorks XT Series multichannel optocoupler and interposing relay modules

The BusWorks XT Series multichannel discrete contact sensor and relay output modules offer a safe, isolated interface between high-energy field devices and sensitive control system I/O modules.

Acromag ST130 Series head-mount temperature transmitters

Acromag ST130 temperature transmitters are USB configured and loop powered, and have recently received ATEX Certification approval for use in explosive atmospheres.

Acromag TT230 series isolated transmitters

These signal conditioners are only 12.5 mm wide for high-density mounting on DIN rails and provide a convenient USB connection to a PC for simple, precise configuration using Windows software.

Futek IHH500 Intelligent Digital Display

The Futek IHH500 Intelligent Digital Display is a multipurpose digital display which is primarily used as a handheld device, but can also be configured as benchtop or wall-mount.

Futek IPM650 panel mount display

The IPM650 can be easily integrated with Futek’s load cells, torque sensors and pressure sensors, and offers an accuracy of 0.001%, as well as an internal resolution of 24 bits.

Dewetron DEWE2 data acquisition system

The Dewetron DEWE2 data acquisition system allows for mutliple simultaneous sampling TRION plug-in PXI modules.

Cortron Model 121 series ruggedised keyboard/pointing devices

Cortron’s Model 121 Series keyboard/pointing devices are built to withstand the most hostile and demanding industrial and military environments.

Acromag IOS-7400 industrial I/O server

The Acromag IOS-7400 industrial I/O server has built-in carrier cards which interface up to four plug-in I/O modules to the CPU.

Futek IPM650 intelligent panel meter

The IPM650 is intended to gradually replace the IPM5490/IPM500 family and is claimed to have significant improvements in performance and quality over the previous models.

Crystal Group RE0412 small form factor rugged embedded computer

Crystal Group has released the RE0412, a small form factor rugged embedded computer in a carbon fibre chassis.

GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy SmartSignal Shield 4.0

Proficy SmartSignal Shield 4.0 software is designed to provide early warning of impending problems, diagnostic guidance and prioritised actionable intelligence.

GE Intelligent Platforms Wolverine III rugged flat panel computer

The Wolverine III rugged flat panel computer from GE Intelligent Platforms is designed specifically to withstand the rigours of deployment in hazardous applications such as oil and gas exploration and drilling where salt, spray, dust, shock, vibration and extremes of temperature are prevalent.

Acromag IntelliPack signal conditioners with a configurable internal microcontroller

Acromag’s IntelliPack signal conditioners with a configurable internal microcontroller are easily configured for integrator, totaliser, characteriser, comparator and limit monitoring applications.

Acromag Model ST133 temperature transmitter

Acromag’s Model ST133 temperature transmitter is an isolated thermocouple/millivolt signal conditioner.

GE Intelligent Platforms RTR8GE rugged secure router

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced the RTR8GE rugged secure router designed for harsh environments such as military, aerospace, industrial automation, gas and oil.

Acromag I/O Server industrial PC approved for hazardous areas

Acromag’s rugged I/O Server industrial PC is now UL/cUL listed with approval for use in Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D hazardous environments containing volatile substances.

Futek CSG110 strain-gauge signal amplifier

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology has released its upgraded CSG110 strain-gauge signal amplifier. 95% of the amplifier’s parts have been revised, reducing noise output, increasing bandwidth and implementing co-amps.

Futek IHH500 handheld portable digital display

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology has released the IHH500 handheld portable digital display that easily integrates with Futek load cells, torque sensors and pressure sensors, as well as those from other manufacturers.

GE Intelligent Platforms PACSystems with integrated real-time ProfiNet

GE Intelligent Platforms has launched PACSystems with integrated real-time ProfiNet, a global open protocol over standard ethernet, and that is made for businesses moving from centralised control systems to ethernet-based distributed structures. It provides a high-speed network with the ability to drop large amounts of I/O without compromising performance and can operate in high-noise areas and cover large distances in real time with redundancy capabilities to maximise uptime.

GE Intelligent Platforms COTS Rugged Systems

GE Intelligent Platforms has expanded of the company’s range of COTS Rugged Systems. They are designed for deployment in demanding control applications, both stationary and mobile.

Astro-Med Dash MX portable data acquisition system

The Dash MX from Astro-Med is a full-featured, high-speed multichannel data acquisition system designed for capturing high-frequency data and transient signals as well as long-term trending.

Dytran Instruments 3274A series piezoelectric accelerometers

The 3274A series miniature, low-profile, IEPE piezoelectric accelerometers are designed to mount in spaces typically inaccessible to other types of accelerometers.

Dewetron DAQP-THERM and DAQP-MULTI galvanically isolated multisensor amplifiers

Dewetron has introduced two galvanically isolated multisensor amplifiers with linearised analog output.

Dewetron DEWE-3020 portable measurement Instrument

The Dewetron DEWE-3020 portable measurement instrument is the claimed smallest, rugged, all-in-one measurement system for galvanically isolated amplifiers.

Futek USB Solutions Kit

The Futek USB Solutions Kit is designed to replace the need for amplifiers, filters and power sources when retrieving data from sensors.

Futek LSB200 S-Beam Jr load cells

The LSB200 from Futek Advanced Sensor Technology is able to measure compression and tensile forces in the range of 10 g to 45 kg (444 Newtons). The miniature size and broad capacity range make this model suitable for applications in industries such as medical, aerospace, robotics, process control and pharmaceutical.

GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Troubleshooter and Proficy Cause+ V5

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced the availability of the latest version of Proficy Troubleshooter and Proficy Cause+ Version 5.0. The solution enables an intelligent form of causal analysis, proactive alarming and decision support so users can react faster and correct issues before a problem occurs.

Astro-Med ToughSwitch 3 ruggedised ethernet switch

The ToughSwitch 3 from Astro-Med is a dedicated, ruggedised ethernet switch designed to meet MIL-STD environmental and electromagnetic requirements. It operates from 24 VDC power in accordance with MIL-STD-1275B, making it suitable for use in vehicles and other moving equipment.

Advanced Telemetrics ATI 2100H series telemetry system

The 2100H series high bandwidth telemetry system from Advanced Telemetrics International, provides a high bandwidth link from sensors mounted on rotating shafts, reciprocating rods or other moving machinery to stationary data acquisition and display instruments.

Futek LTH350 load cell with USB interface

The LTH350 load cell from Futek Advanced Sensor Technology is now available with a USB output option. The load cell provides miniature solutions for applications where space is limited. This particular miniature donut load cell is suitable for press or inline compression applications.

MetroSpec industrial 12.1″ panel PC

The MetroSpec industrial 12.1 panel PC, Model MS12 1500PC, has been designed and manufactured to provide viewable and workable data, whatever the environmental conditions might be. It is made from a sealed IP66, marine-grade aluminium with a machined front bezel and comes with corrosion protection. The MS12 1500PC is capable of operating at temperatures from -30 to 70°C. The embedded PC consists of an Intel 1.1 GHz Atom processor, 1 GB of RAM, a CF card slot and a capacitive touch screen (other types available on request).

GE Intelligent Platforms PACSystems RX3i CPU315

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced the RX3i CPU315 for its PACSystems range. It is aimed at the needs of high-performance control applications and is suitable for a wide range of applications where larger amounts of data and application optimisation are needed. Typical applications where the CPU is useful are in water and wastewater, power and general process control.

Astro-Med TMX high-speed data acquisition system

Astro-Med has introduced the TMX high-speed data acquisition system, offering general-purpose data capture, review, archive and analysis. It features 96 channels of data recording to a 1 TB hard drive dedicated solely to data capture, allowing for data to be recorded for many months in a single file.

Futek LPM200 panel-mount load cell

The Futek LPM200 panel-mount load cell offers miniature size, a robust flexure and low capacity of 10 g to 2.2 kg. A common challenge for low-capacity sensors is the damage the sensor can incur during installation. With the LPM200’s design, this challenge has been greatly minimised. The product features an overload protection of 1000% of rated output for the full range. By threading the flexure, the LPM200 can easily be installed for usage. The LPM200 uses a tough 28 AWG 4-conductor braided shield clear PVC cable.

Futek LLB400 miniature load button load cell

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology has released the LLB400 miniature load button load cell with improved overall accuracy. The load cell has a high accuracy with a deflection of 38 µm nominal and an operating temperature of -50 to 93°C.

Dytran Instruments Model 4190 portable vibration meter

Dytran Instruments has announced the Model 4190 portable vibration meter designed for field testing accelerometers. It can be used in conjunction with a handheld shaker for sensor validation.

Futek TRS705 non-contact shaft-to-shaft rotary torque sensor

The TRS705 from Futek Advanced Sensor Technologies is a non-contact shaft-to-shaft rotary torque sensor and is available in a wide capacity ranging from 1 to 1000 Nm, and is designed as a solution for torque auditing and automotive applications.

Futek model LSB210 miniature submersible S-beam load cell

The model LSB210 submersible S-beam load cell from Futek Advanced Sensor Technologies can be used in applications where protection from liquids is required. Examples of applications include fibre tension, medical bag weighing and automated feedback control systems.

Futek LSB600 S-beam load cell

The Futek LSB600 S-beam load cell is a high-capacity tension and compression transducer with a wide capacity, ranging from 44.5 to 111 kN. With the USB output option, engineers can eliminate the need for an analog amplifier, power supply and display equipment. The USB integration also includes the company’ USB software which allows users to monitor the output of the sensor in real time.

MetroSpec Model MS12 1500PC 12.1" panel PC

The MetroSpec 12.1 panel PC, Model MS12 1500PC, has been designed and manufactured to operate in outdoor and harsh environments.

Non-contact torque sensor

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology has introduced an internally amplified rotary torque sensor. The sensor is a non-contact (slip-ring-free) rotary torque sensor, using inductance for power and output signals, and has a compact design and supports rotational speeds of up to 7000 rpm.

Triaxial accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has released a miniature triaxial accelerometer, utilising quartz shear technology, coupled with 2-wire internal IEPE electronics.

Ultra-miniature accelerometer

Dytran Instruments has introduced the 3224A3 ultra-miniature IEPE accelerometer weighing 0.2 g, which successfully reduces mass loading effects. Because of its tiny ‘teardrop’ design, the 3224A3 is suitable for shock and vibration measurements in small locations.

Layer-2 gigabit ethernet switch

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced the NETernity RM983RC VME ethernet switch. Designed for demanding network switching applications in industrial, government, telecommunications and defence applications, the 6U form factor RM983RC switch provides support for 12 or 24 gigabit ethernet ports. It ships with GE Fanuc’s OpenWare Lite switch management environment, providing customers with the flexibility to manage configuration of the RM983RC from a serial console or via the network.

GE Fanuc single board computer

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems has announced the PPC9A, the latest addition to the company's PowerXtreme family of 6U VME single-board computers.

Data acquisition systems

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems has announced the release of the DSC-2200.Net network-centric data acquisition systems. Housed in compact 2U rackmount enclosures, the systems are designed to offer low cost yet high performance with maximum ease of use.

Contactless torque sensor

The CD 1140 family of contactless torque sensors offers a rugged but small pack-age size as well as many mounting configurations so as to provide good measurements in both industrial and laboratory environments.

PC7 industrial computer

SBS Technologies has introduced the PC7 rugged, an all-in-one industrial computer housed in a compact EMI-protected metal enclosure that is dust and water resistant.


Acromag and Ctek partner to provide remote solutions

New alliance unites Acromag's signal interface modules with Ctek's controller and cellular communication devices.

X-ES selects Metromatics to distribute its embedded systems

Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) has announced the appointment of Metromatics as the Australian and New Zealand distributor for its product range.



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