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maxon motor

maxon motor is the world’s leading supplier of high-precision drive systems. More than 40 years’ experience, constant innovation, top-quality products and competent customer service make maxon motor a reliable partner in the drive technology sector. We are driven by your specific requirements.

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maxon motor brushless DC motor

Brushless DC design has the advantages of both outrunner and inrunner motors.

maxon motor right-angle brushless DC gearmotor

maxon motor has released a gearmotor with a 48 V brushless DC motor and righ-angle helical bevel gear combination.

maxon motor EC-I 30IE 5-wire brushless DC motor

The EC-I 30IE motor features a 5-wire connection to simplify implementation and still give a wide functionality.

maxon motor frameless DC motor for robotics applications

The frameless design of the motors makes it possible to assemble individual parts directly into a robotic joint.

maxon motor zero-backlash servo gearmotor

A servo motor and gearhead combination released by maxon motor Australia can produce 364 Nm with a peak torque rating at the output of 686 Nm.

maxon motor gearhead, DC motor and encoder combination

Higher levels of torque and position capability are now possible with the development of adaptive hardware for maxon low-profile brushless DC motors and harmonic planetary gearheads.

maxon motor miniature DC linear actuator

A customised miniature electric linear actuator for positioning tasks has been built by maxon motor by combining a 16 mm, 60 W, 24 V brushless DC motor with an integrated radial and axial thrust block bearing system.

High-density DC motor combination

maxon motor has introduced a combination of a 4-pole brushless DC motor with a sealed planetary gearhead and an inductive encoder for demanding subsea applications.

maxon motor 300 V brushless DC motor

A range of brushless DC motors designed to operate on a 300 VDC supply is now available from maxon motor Australia, suitable for oil and gas, including subsea operation.

maxon motor DC motor encoders

maxon motor's modular system has been expanded to include nine more encoder resolutions ranging from 1000 counts per turn through to 5000 counts per turn.

maxon motor DC-max motor and GPX gearhead

The DC-max motor is a motor offering high-powered rare earth magnets and maxon's rhombic winding packaged in a cost-effective housing and fitted with a GPX gearhead.

Brushless DC motor for vacuums

maxon motor has released a brushless 24 VDC motor suitable for use in ultrahigh vacuum.

maxon motor micro linear positioning drive

Micro DC motor linear positioning systems are suitable for applications that require accurate positioning and high forces while maintaining minimal weight and a small footprint.

maxon motor custom DC gearmotor

maxon motor has released a brushless DC flat motor that incorporates a 936:1 ceramic planetary gearhead.

maxon motor high-power brushless DC motor

A 14-pole, high-torque, 40 mm brushless DC inner rotor motor has been released by maxon motor can produce continuous torque levels of 232 mNm at over 7000 rpm.

maxon motor GP 26 A planetary gearhead

The GP 26 A gearhead is part of a modular system and is available as one-stage to three-stage versions, with nine different reduction ratios, from 5.2:1 up to 236:1.

maxon motor EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT digital positioning encoder

The EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT is a digital positioning encoder suitable for real-time positioning of synchronised multiaxis systems.

maxon motor EC45 70 W flat motor

The maxon motor EC45 flat motor range now has a redesigned 70 W version that displays a flat speed/torque gradient. Flange pattern, fixation and socket are identical to the existing EC 45 flat 50 W version but with 38% more torque.

Brushless DC motor

The EC-powermax 22 achieves high torque at slow speeds compared to other similar-sized brushless DC motors. The EC motor is particularly suitable for process applications like handheld tools such as slicing and drilling machines where top performance is required per volume and weight unit.

DC motors

The RE 65 power package delivers 250 W and can cope with the toughest demands. The motor is particularly suitable for applications where high efficiency, high power density and a minimal operating noise are crucial.

Electronically commutated motors

Brushless, electronically commutated motors have a higher service life than brush motors. The commutation electronics are integrated in the new EC-max 16 2-wire motor which is only 16 mm in diameter, 33.5 mm long and has a nominal output of 5 W.



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