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ADM Instrument Engineering Pty Ltd

ADM Instrument Engineering is a well established Australian owned company providing a broad range of industrial instrumentation, transducers, sensors, radiation services & detection equipment to the market place. We have been operating in Melbourne for 25 years providing instruments, technical advice and specifications for our customers.

Phone: 03 9551 6922
Fax: 03 9551 6977
21 Garden Boulevard , Dingley Village VIC 3172 (Directions)


ADEL System DC UPS power supplies

The ADEL System range of DIN rail mount DC UPS power supplies incorporates a DIN rail mounting switchmode power supply and UPS controller into a single unit.

Mean Well RST-5000 and RST-10000 power supplies

The RST-5000 and RST-10000 power supplies offer 5 and 10 kW power ratings respectively, with outputs of 24, 36 or 48 VDC.

ESI LP1000 series pressure transducers

The LP1000 series of pressure transducers are designed for low-pressure applications, maintaining high performance with operating ranges down to 0-50 mbar.

RDP Electronics DCV series LVDT linear position transducers

The RDP Electronics DCV series of displacement transducers is available in either unguided, captive or spring-return versions.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems 880 Performance Series digital weight indicator

The Rice Lake Weighing Systems 880 Performance Series compact panel-mount indicator can be used as a stand-alone controller, or connected with a range of networking protocols and PLCs.

ESI PR3200 differential pressure transmitter

The ESI PR3200 differential pressure transmitter uses two titanium alloy pressure sensors, giving high stability and performance with true wet/wet operation.

Monitran MTN/5000 condition monitoring system

The Monitran MTN/5000 is a microcontroller-based condition monitoring system with an ARM Cortex-M3 processor and 12 digital I/O channels as standard.

Monitran MTN/2200, MTN/1105 and MTN-1100IS series accelerometers

Monitran offers a range of accelerometers designed for industrial vibration monitoring.

EYC THS84/85 series of multifunction industrial temperature and humidity sensors

The EYC THS84/85 series of multifunction industrial temperature and humidity sensors has built-in temperature compensation and linear correction.

ESI GS4200 pressure transmitter

The ESI GS4200 pressure transmitter incorporate ESI's silicon-on-sapphire sensor technology to give high stability over a wide temperature range.

ESI PR3850 pressure transmitter

The PR3850 pressure transmitter is suitable for use with high-viscosity materials, typical applications including food processing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and wastewater and slurry handling.

Mean Well EDR-75 and NDR-75 series DIN rail power supplies

The Mean Well EDR-75 and NDR-75 series DIN rail fanless power supplies are designed for those projects that require a more efficient power supply at a lower cost.

Monitran MTN/2285IT and MTN/2200IT series hazardous area accelerometers

Certified to IECEx Group II, the MTN/2285IT and MTN/2200IT series are suitable for measuring vibration levels and temperatures in areas where explosive gases, liquids or dust may be present.

burster 8661 series torque sensors

The burster 8661 series of torque sensors can be used for the acquisition of static and rotating torques over the range from 0.05 Nm up to 200 Nm.

SDR-120 DIN rail power supply

The Mean Well SDR-120 is an AC/DC isolation Class I DIN rail power unit.

SDR-240 DIN rail power supply

Meanwell Enterprises has launched the first model in its slim DIN rail product series, the SDR-240, for the growing demand of high-performance DIN rail power supplies. The slim design of 63.5 mm in width helps save precious space on the rail and makes it 42.8% smaller in size in comparison to the previous model.

ADM Instrument Engineering DIN rail power supply

ADM Instrument Engineering has introduced the Meanwell DR100 100 W power supply. A DIN rail-mount power supply, that will fit into a fuse box type enclosure, with Class II insulation level (double insulated, no earth wire is required), the DR-100 series provides a plastic case that is free from hazardous leakage current and is up to 89% efficient.It has an input voltage range of 88-264 VAC and 124-370 VDC. The output voltages are 12, 15 and 24 VDC at 100 W. To compensate for wiring voltage drops, the output voltage can be adjusted from the front panel, and the coloured LED indicator also gives an immediate visual conformation of the DC output status.



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