Act instead of react: secure, safe solutions from SEW

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Sunday, 01 October, 2023

Act instead of react: secure, safe solutions from SEW

An integrated automation concept, starting with the safety controller through the machine control system to the sensor technology, is the key to success, especially in the area of safety technology. Normative requirements and the option of man and machine working hand-in-hand require more and more plant areas with functional safety technology. This makes functional safety an integral part of every application. With its functional safety portfolio, SEW-EURODRIVE is extensively expanding the MOVI-C range, by enabling users to add safety functions into automation technology from the drive level and to a controller level.

The MOVI-C portfolio

Consistency and flexibility are two characteristics that merge in the MOVI-C portfolio. The safety portfolio as a component of MOVI-C is harmonised to the capabilities of the drive level.

"With safety being built into all units, the basic unit features safe torque off (STO) for the highest-risk areas to performance level Pl e. Safety option cards extend the functionality of the units, and these versatile cards can be used both for challenging safe position monitoring tasks and for switching off the power to motors in machines and systems," said Osem Jibrail, National Industry Specialist.

SEW-EURODRIVE offers a consistent and comprehensive portfolio for implementing entire automation solutions in functional safety applications, which encourages the sourcing of relevant hardware from one place: a one-stop-shop for hardware, software and service, and with the added bonus of SEW quality.

If users decide to use individual automation components from a third-party supplier, they benefit from the flexibility and open concept of the MOVI-C modular automation system. True to the motto "No matter what I decide", both options are available to the user. The concept of the MOVI-C modular system coupled with excellent quality and outstanding service make the safety portfolio from SEW-EURODRIVE unique on the market across the entire spectrum of factory and machine automation.

The SEW-CONTROLLER – automation all-rounder

The modular automation system MOVI-C starts with the SEW-CONTROLLER. The fast, open EtherCAT bus is used for communication with the lower-level units for controlling drive components as well as other sensors and actuators. The safety routing enables the integration of an external safety control into the overall system. Here, the user can choose between a third-party controller tested by SEW-EURODRIVE or an external safety controller. The fieldbus systems Profinet, EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP are also available for communication with a higher-level controller.

Available in the four performance classes 'power', 'progressive', 'advanced' and 'standard', the user can select a suitable controller depending on the number of inverters and the number of clock-synchronous axes and auxiliary axes required for the movement to be configured. With the UHX65A-M MOVI-C controller, SEW-EURODRIVE expands the multi-talented controller in the 'progressive' performance class with integrated Profinet I/O controller or EtherNet/IP scanner functionality. With MOVISUITE version 2.20, sophisticated mixed topologies can be implemented: the high-performance EtherCAT system bus can be used for the most demanding motion control tasks and, at the same time, corresponding sensors can be read and actuators can be controlled as Profinet I/O or EtherNet/IP masters. The user thus gains flexibility and choice in the hardware that can be used for complex applications without losing the previous advantages of the UHX65A platform, such as user-friendly, fast startup via MOVISUITE.

Integrating a wide range of field units with the I/O system

Safety controllers offer a certain number of inputs and outputs for connecting external functionally safe field units. If this number is exhausted, additional I/Os are required. This is exactly when the MOVI-PLC I/O system C I/O portfolio comes into play. Additional I/Os can be integrated into the overall system using the in-house EtherCAT/SBusPlus system bus. In addition to the classic digital inputs and outputs, MOVI-PLC I/O system C offers analog inputs and outputs and various function modules, allowing not only the connection of a wide range of encoders, but also safety modules to increase the number of possible functionally safe field devices and thus expanding the overall system.

To meet all requirements for machines and applications in the functionally safe area that require a larger number of safe I/Os, the SEW portfolio includes two FSoE I/O modules OFI41C and OFO41C, each with four safe inputs and outputs. These can be integrated into the overall system using a third-party safety controller tested by SEW-EURODRIVE. This enables the use of safety light curtains, safety scanners, safety switches, etc., which are required, for example, for safeguarding hazardous points with manual and rear step protection.

SEW-EURODRIVE also offers encoder systems for positioning, speed or torque control, also in functionally safe technology. Whether built-in or add-on encoders, the control of the drive and system is possible according to the respective requirements in accordance with SIL 2/PL d.

To ensure maximum flexibility, intelligent functionally safe sensors can also be connected to the system via FSoE. This enables holistic solutions that go beyond the classic safe digital inputs and outputs. Thus, no wishes remain unfulfilled in the area of safe field devices.

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