M&J Valve surge relief valves and skids

Friday, 17 January, 2020 | Supplied by: SPX Flow Inc

M&J Valve surge relief valves and skids are designed and manufactured for critical protection against dangerous system pressure spikes and pipeline surges. Pressure surges travel at sonic velocities through the pipeline at speeds of up to 1000 m/s and can cause severe infrastructure damage, loss of product and environmental harm, as well as a significant threat to personnel safety.

For dirty service such as crude, and seawater pipelines, M&J Valve offers nitrogen-loaded surge relief valves, which means they can operate independent of fluid properties. For clean service, they offer pilot-operated surge relief valves. The company has also evolved a patented rate-of-rise surge relief system that not only assists in providing pipeline safety protection, but also overall pipeline system stability.

The M&J Valve solution combines a traditional surge pressure relief valve with a predictive pressure rate-of-rise system to allow pre-emptive action against a developing surge event. The solution utilises a spring-biased reference chamber that imparts a pressure differential across a fixed orifice. The fixed orifice pressure differential is constantly monitored, and upon reaching a preset limit, will trigger the main surge relief valve to open. As the surge dissipates, the valve closes without slamming shut, preventing ‘chatter’.

Because it uses no electronic devices, the M&J Valve surge relief system is not affected by power loss, communication disruption or cyber attacks: making it far less vulnerable to external factors. The complete circuit is mechanical and is designed to provide a reliable hydraulic safety barrier against transient pressure surges.

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