Claroty and Siemens Mobility partner on OT cybersecurity

Siemens Ltd

Friday, 07 February, 2020

Claroty and Siemens Mobility partner on OT cybersecurity

Industrial cybersecurity company Claroty has announced the integration of its Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) solution with the Siemens Mobility Data Capture Unit (DCU). The integration provides a hardware and software combination that is intended to deliver a highly secure, one-way data flow from industrial networks to corporate IT networks and cloud services. The CTD and DCU combination allows an alternative to not only monitor the traffic for advanced threat detection and visibility but also keep a high Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and maintain a single-direction flow of data.

Claroty CTD’s deep packet inspection provides asset discovery and continuous security monitoring for OT networks. CTD maintains a high safety integrity level (SIL) to lower risk in the OT environment. When combined with the Siemens DCU for industrial applications, Claroty passively collects, aggregates and analyses asset and communications data from OT networks and securely transmits it to the corporate network via Siemens’s DCU.

The DCU from Siemens Mobility is a small hardware implementation of its data diode technology designed for industrial security and connectivity to eliminate vulnerabilities due to mismanagement and web-based cyber attacks. This allows the DCU to meet all major cybersecurity regulations for critical infrastructure and operate in rugged industrial environmental conditions. Typically located on the edge of the network, the DCU provides boundary protection for the OT network and a secure bridge when connected to the IT network.

“We see a rapidly growing need among industrial asset owners to mitigate the risk of connecting their OT networks to the cloud as well as to their IT corporate networks,” said Anne Fischer, Head of Products, Siemens Mobility. “Even though they offer the highest security level, data diodes have long been too expensive to be considered a viable option for many enterprises. But, thanks to our R&D team, we’ve been able to reduce the cost and size dramatically in order to eliminate that barrier and raise the bar on secure connectivity.”

“Claroty’s technology is unmatched, but it is equally important that we enable security teams to work smarter and more efficiently by integrating with leading industrial solutions such as Siemens’s DCU,” said Emanuel Salmona, Claroty VP of Partnerships. “Industrial asset owners and their IT teams in all industrial sectors now have a much more highly secure and cost-effective way to reduce exposure from OT cyber risks while also reducing response time to OT security incidents.”

Working together, Siemens and Claroty say they have provided a secure OT–IT bridge and vendor-neutral connectivity solution, supporting most industrial protocols and equipment.

Image credit: ©ürgen Fälchle

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